Because, it makes the flowers grow…

My grandma and grandpa use to say “but it makes the flowers grow” whenever I complained about it raining. As I got off the bus this evening, as I do almost every single evening as I return from work, I sighed and accepted that, once again, I needed to walk the 10-15 minutes home from the stop. It was pouring down and the chill in the air made the raindrops feel cold and clammy against my forehead. Of course I had no umbrella. It got killed by the winds of winter some time ago. As I turned the corner of the first block and prepared to walk vertically to the next block, I noticed worms on the cement ground.

There was the natural ICK! moment, but I began thinking about worms, birds, and spring. Rain, for birds, is like a Summers Day, for everyone else. Birds love it! The rain makes the worms come up out of the grass, because they cannot breathe, and makes them easy pickings for birds that are getting ready or in the middle of, raising offspring in their nests. Then I smiled to myself when I realized Off-spring, is most likely derived from the coming of Spring, when babies are born OFF SPRING. How weird I never noticed that.

Then, I thought about the coming of Spring and how the melting of the snow reveals bits of twigs and branches and things that were covered by the snow and kept there, waiting, for the building of nests. How interesting that the seasons all seem to provide for each other, the things needed to continue the cycle. I luxuriated in the sound of birdsong returned to us. Of the idea of birds taking Spring showers and prepping themselves to find Misses Right Feather to bed down with and raise little hatchlings. How the rain makes things grow that will sustain the newly-born animals and birds that have only just begun to see and sniff at things around them.

I realized, I am blessed. I get to see these things year-after-year and marvel at them  as they come. I never stop to realize how many who have passed away would give everything for just one more moment, like I was experiencing just then. Even if I was getting wet. I was getting wet and I was alive to experience it. I got this clog in my throat as I realized something else. The growth that began inside me has not stopped, it just has cycles. Like the seasons. I am becoming even when I feel like I have lost my way. I am learning and growing. I am, “growing like a flower”

“because it makes the flowers grow” Yes, that is what time does. That is what Seasons do, that is what life does.

Time to grow taller, stronger, more straight and more true. This is not the end, the middle or the beginning, it is a circle, a ring, an infinity knot.


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Braxley visits

He taps his foot
against the typewriter keys.
I nudge him away with my pencil eraser.

His tail finds its way
across the letters IOP
and I sigh and consider
how important it is to type
the word Important.

He considers the screen
with, hands on hips,
and glares at the coming action sequence
I am fretting over.

I can tell when he gets
to the scary bit
when he squeaks
and scurries behind the screen
for protection from the truth.

Serves you right for peeking ahead.

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The best things, aren’t things.

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April 10, 2014 · 3:50 am

My muse

This looks like just a commercial. Someone is bound to scoff and say it’s so..but this also is a truth. My truth. This is the way I seek to embrace the world. For no gain, but for everything I can feel.


I seek to learn. I am learning. I pray never to be finished.

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Five fingers and my palm

Defensive position

Protective stance

Trying to hold together that which

seeks implosion.

This is not a poem.

This is my heart bleeding.

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Philosophy photography


Like a snapshot

you capture the soul of it.

Black and white confessions

that focus the eye ever forward,

to see more deeply,

that which the background hid,

but the lack of color

forced the eye to find

and confront.

That is what pain does.

That is what lessons are.

Click the shutter down

and record these scars

so I may overcome

and celebrate

Yes, celebrate!

every damned one.



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Another Case Solved

Completely addicted.

2014-03-22 20.37.30

2014-03-22 20.42.48

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