If I ever meet cancer, I plan to kick his ass.

Cancer is one of the only things in this world that can make me, a passionate pacifist, want to beat the hell out of something. I have lost too many loved ones to it. My step-mom, Joann, being the most painful. Cancer doesn’t care who you are, it will come for you, and even the strongest person can be taken.

Which is why, I am passionate about becoming a Delete Blood Cancer Bone Marrow Donar Card Carrier. I am a proud card carrier and have been for about 6 years now. I have never been matched to anyone, due to my soup-pot heritage of Indian, Irish, Dutch, German and English, but I am TOTALLY ready if another soup- pot comes along and needs me. Nothing would keep me from giving to someone who matches with me. Jobs don’t matter, time doesn’t matter. Only love matters. I long for my chance to show someone there are miracles. It’s a chance to give something to someone with all your heart, that’s something worth reaching for…because giving is recieving.

If you don’t already belong to this wonderful organization, please consider it. It only takes a moment and they mail you all the stuff you need to swab and get yourself on the donar list. It was easy! Go here! Join me in telling Cancer to hit the bricks. Knee him in the groin for me and register to make a difference.

ps. I have never knee’d someone in groin before, I swear! Cancer has it coming, though. He stole my Italian, shoe-throwing, Pasquali singing, Christmas adoring mum from me… and I plan to be there when the world finally kicks his ass.

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2 responses to “If I ever meet cancer, I plan to kick his ass.

  1. StPaulieGrrl

    I’m a card-carrying member of this organization: http://bethematch.org/ I’m 58-years-old. I don’t expect that they will ever call me. But if they ever do, I’m there. I care about saving a life if I possibly can.

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