Someone called me an herb…

Once I was assured they didn’t mean something out of a cooks garden, they explained that it is one of the 7 essence roles,  namely one called Sage

I looked it up an gotta admit, they kinda got a good idea of who I am..only, I kinda think I’m also prone to the Scholar type too.

Click the link and see which one sounds like you.



Truth in poetry

That last poem was awful as poems go, but I don’t care one whit. It captures the way I feel about late night phone calls. Though currently single, I am still extremely, horribly romantic. The book was pretty beautiful and it made me miss phone calls like that, late at night.

I’m gonna keep that poem right there. It holds a tiny bit of my heart, not gonna lie. Sometimes life is more important than perfect poetry.

Writing a love story in my head

Chapter 20:

Intimate phone conversation.

Underlined by periodic condensation,

mixed with nutty procrastination.

The laughter makes things more tender

and trusting.

Each wobbly word a testimony.

Not a single whiff of stale baloney,

(though fully admitting to being somewhat cheesy),

being vulnerable is never easy.

You snoring over the phone

is now my favorite dial tone. 

Understanding not required

You may not always understand me, but you are always trying to show support. Sometimes knowing you’re there and are trying to embrace my happiness is enough for me. We may fail sometimes, to obtain the same viewpoint, but the fact that you even want to means more, so much more, than having the moment reflected back at me. Your pride in my accomplishments is contentment enough, it doesn’t need more.

I don’t always get you either, but that’s ok. It’s the core things that matter. Your passion and commitment to what you love. Your embracing of these strange things I know absolutely nothing about, but can see sets you on fire with joy. You do that for me, and I do that for you.

Let’s just celebrate that we both care about each other’s happiness, and leave it at that.