That awkward moment when your 16 year old requests a Doctor Strange T-shirt for her birthday and you realize this means she has a crush on an actor you fancy yourself.


He’s 40 missy!! Nuh-uh! Not..nope. Put those hormones away!

Hugh Jackman is also off limits.

No need to mention my favorite person…she already knows that one.

Just a quick hi

Ah! Finally home. I just had the nicest meal. An omelet (ham, cheese and peppers), toast and a cup of hot cocoa. Yummy.

I’m reading an old classic Sci-Fi and getting ready for bed.

Something happened today that startled me. Someone stood up for me. It startled me and that made me wonder. Why was I soo startled by it? Have I grown so use to having to fight alone for my rights that I no longer trust that other people will? Hmmm…

Anyway, it was kinda nice.

Oh, and I find it amusing that I have only $5 left in the bank until tomorrow and used it to buy a book. That is soo me.


Ok, back to my book.


Mind blown

Z just informed me that she took the Myers Briggs personality assessment. She is an INTJ, which I totally agree with. She’s very much that sign.

The startling discovery came from me retaking the test and learning I am not INFJ as I have always believed. I’m actually INFP. Huh…

I looked it up and it actually fits me better than INFJ. When it lists poets, writers, and actors as common to this type I just laughed.


Um…yeah…reading this fits all of me.

Kinda me.

Mind Blown