Why am I awake? Meh.


Time delays

Sadly, at this time, I have none- time, that is. I’m trying to adjust to many of life’s lame but required cycles. That of getting use to a new job and schedule. The only thing I have time for lately is Instagram. Please follow me on there if you’re interested in how I am doing on a daily basis. It’s a bit of a hodge-podge of things. I’m listed under Nectarfizz. I do post photos and stuff from my life, so you might like it .


I get up at 5 am. My shift starts at 8 am and I get home at 6:30 pm. I literally have 2.5 hrs to enjoy being alone before I have to go to bed. Oh, should probably mention I’m in excruciating pain whilst I do anything after work too. See, I hated cashier and when the position of cart pusher opened up, I took it. Everyone thinks I’m nuts..maybe I am. I am having one hell of a time getting my body to adjust to constant activity.

The thing is, I like it..a lot. It hurts my body because it’s unused to this kind of activity, but I like it. I like not standing still. I like helping people. I like being productive. I like my job.

I just want it to hurt less.

Here’s hoping my body adjusts soon.


I see you

I doesn’t matter if you lose

all your money. 

all your looks

all your fame. 

Those things, aren’t really you


You’re the guy

Who bends down to see small things

more closely. 

Wanders away from the conversation

because his mind woke up. 

Looks back and gets caught up

in yesterday’s goodbyes. 

Sees the details until the details

are almost too many. 

Keeps his heart protected

because it doesn’t know how

to stop loving, 

once it does. 

That’s you. 

That’s you.

That’s you. 

Nothing else matters.