Baby, rub that lamp

You sit there, quite unaware. 

Thinking the world just doesn’t care.

But, it’s just waiting. It’s waiting. 

Waiting for you to finally get up

push the things that don’t matter aside,

confront the need you try to hide.

And jump.



Push open that pesky door. 

There is no sign.

It’s just deciding. 

No longer hiding. 

Stop saying “I can’t”

What wish do you want to grant?

You are your own genie.


The world that exists inside my heart.

I cry every time I watch this. It makes you hopeful that the universe really does conspire to make joy happen. It reminds us of what is most important in life. To never stop trying to be more.

My heart believes that if you chase something with your whole heart, the universe can’t help but forge a path that wasn’t there before. A path created because your dream of what could be was stronger than your doubt.

Long Live The Paperman!


Ok, so I’ve notified my boss and can now spill the beans. I’m moving. As of January 14th I will no longer live in Pennsylvania.

 I will be taking a train on the 15th to La Crosse, Wisconsin to try for a job I am really, really, hoping to get. The job pays 14.50 ,is in line with work I’ve done before (with all the stuff I liked about that work and none of the stuff I hated) and it’s near the friends I’ve amassed over the years from working and living there previously. Win-win. 

The job is at Gunderson Lutheran hospital. Since I am incredibly good at Customer Service, I think I could do very well there. I just have a knack for interacting with people over the phone and I read body language very well too. The work is pretty interesting, and the hours are 12 hours a day for 3 days and the rest of the week off, so I kinda like it. Also, they need late-night shifters and I may have mentioned I am a night owl on skates. 

So…Yeah, heading back to La Crosse. I lived there for two years at the start of my life after divorce. It’s where I healed from my struggles and where I discovered life on my own for the first time. 

If I get the job I’ll be able to get my own apartment, something I have longed for with my whole heart. My sister says that even if I can’t get more than a minimum wage job she’ll be with me on this. My sister is willing to take me on without knowing for sure if I have this job in my future or not. It means a lot to me that she is willing to be that for me. 

The job is one I’m totally willing to work hard to succeed in.I know I have skills I can use to do the job well. I’ve been working since I was 16 and every single job I’ve ever done featured working with the public in some way. I can read a person at twenty paces and I’ve been very good at every one of my jobs, which is why the call center supervisors fought over me at my sales job when I returned from the UK, way back when. 

La Crosse is an amazing town! It has many easily accessible laundromats, consignment shops, and used book stores. The Y there has day passes available which I really miss (they don’t allow day passes at the Y here). There is a public library within walking distance and an antique ship right next door to it. There are restaurants, shops, and events at all seasons. It’s a college town so they really make sure the college kids have everything they can possibly ever need to help them part with their money. 

I love the Rivioli theater where you can eat Pizza or Subs right inside the theater and the Pearl Street Ice cream Parlor. I like the people, the environment, and the way I feel when I’m able to stand on my own two feet. 

Can you tell I’m kinda excited to live there again?

Hey, howdy!

I haven’t written much because..well, it’s Winter. That’s all it is. It’s Winter and I am wearing 30 layers of clothing, coats and scarves to keep warm. It’s the slow season period at my store (It’s Christmas-time sure but, still slow for a baby store) and the hours at work feel like weeks. Then, there are the Christmas songs…Not music…no, retail nightmare on repeat! If I have to hear “Last Christmas” One. More. Time….I may hurl. Whoever thought we needed an edgy new “Contemporary Christmas” hit back in the 90’s really needs a kick in the ass…since they play that Damned song Every. Freaking. Year. Ad. Nauseam.

Our store has been straightened to within an inch of its life, since there isn’t much else to do.

Snore-fest. I hate standing still.

As for my personal life….

What personal life?

Actually, I’m quite cheerful, but I can’t tell you why yet. Its not set in stone yet..but I will post about it on January 1st.

When you run into yourself online

Her name is Ava and she is a complete hoot!

She had me at two bacons in love!

Now, before you say she’s being coached, I will disagree with you…..she a child who probably picks up things and remembers them, then repeats them at a later time in her own hilariously interesting way. I know this because this kid  practically represents me as I was as child. I adore her!!