The Alderdeen lands: Taradeen

Alderdeen lands: Taradeen

Official Name: Taradeen

Unofficial name: The Icelands

The icelands are extremely remote, cold, and home to mostly predators and reclusive creatures that are not interested in interacting with others. Taradeen is also quietly, secretly, quite powerful. The majority of people who relocate to live there (only the tribals were there originally),  have all been rejected by their people in some  manner. Therefore residents do not ask each other prying questions by common consensus, and, as a result, tend to be much more accepting. Mixed species families are  much more common here than elsewhere.

Taradeens are a bit misfit, and they love that about themselves. Those from Taradeen have secrets they do not wish to share with outsiders. The biggest secret is that in their part of the planet, there has been a strange anomaly perpetuated by the planet. It is that all the people over time have become able to mind-speak with, not only the animals, but one another. Unlike other magic users, this ability seems to work regardless of species. The animals broadcast any changes they encounter, and have bonded with the locals in deep friendships.

Taradeen is the home of several of our main characters. The Ice Dragon story will be featured here, as well as, the Selkie Story.

In this land secondary animals ( Non-humanoid or lesser thinking species) are dominate in numbers compared to the Primary thinking creatures.  The plants found here are immune to the temperatures that can go as low as -550 and would kill anyone without proper equipment or guide within 10 minutes of exposure.

The animals therefore, are plentiful for hunting, but remain in no danger of going extinct.  In fact, the magic here is  as wild and untamed as its  creatures. New species and plants have a strange way of “appearing”  and creating challenges and surprises for the locals. The tribal creatures that live here deal a lucrative trade with newcomers as they adapt to the  harsh conditions and constantly changing environment , and often are sought for advice on how to deal with unknown or new plant or animal species that  has emerged from the overflow of magic that has leaked into their water.

The Natives:

The Blue skinned Tribal Nexxi- The Nexxi are the only residents that can lay claim to being “Original” to the area. They are decendents of the White Furred Abominal Snow Creatures of earth.

Nexxi appearance:

The Nexxi have variations of hair color going from white to darkest blue, to blue green and back again. Males tend to have only a single color of their particular shade of White, Blue or Green. The shades of which can be quite dark, medium, or quite light. The females tend to have blended shades of all 3 colors thoroughout their hair, changing as the light changes.

The hair of Nexxi females are considered the highest of beauty and many an offworlder female has nashed her teeth over the wishing to have such.  The root of a Nexxi’s hair has 5 follicles rather than a single follicle, as is the case with humans. This results in hair that is extremely thick and extremely strong. Females are, in fact, unable to cut their hair due to any attempt in making a cut resulting in a broken knife or blade. The only way to obtain a Nexxi’s hair is to collect that which falls out naturally. These strands are highly sought after and used for thread, bow string, twine and other string-like materials at a very steep cost. Since the Nexxi are spiritual creatures they are generally not interested in money, but are very interested in trade of knowledge, information, and hard to obtain materials.

Nexxi all have the same blue toned skin and cobalt colored eyes. The males are extremely muscular and big boned. The females, in contrast, are slender and appear more fragile, though this is deeply incorrect, and one generally learns this quickly.

The Nexxi consider their connection to the planet as deeply sacred. They are the caretakers of the Taradeen Crystal Oracle. They commune with the planet and interpret for others that which the planet deems important to the growth and well-being of its people. Their connection to the planet has grown so close, in fact, that other lands send emissaries and messangers from their lands to request audience with the Nexxi for assistance in interpreting the planets will for their own community issues. Generally this is done freely without a need to trade.

The one drawback the Nexxi encounter to being so connected to the planet. Is that they have become immune to low temperatures and cannot tolerate warm locales. In fact, if they are forced to leave the planet they will suffer the loss of a connection to the planet and generally cannot withstand the shock of loss. Most die within days of being taken off planet. For this reason, the Nexxi are not sought by slavers. Their blood is so undesirable to Blood elves and demons that they tend to never venture into their tribal land without a good reason.

The Nexxi suffered when the first slavers appeared above Alderdeen because they attacked and took 200 of their woman off planet, which resulted in the death of every single one of them within 24 hours. The Nexxi have never forgotten, or forgiven. They head the Taradeen rebellion and aid any and all who seek protection.

Compared to so many who have lost family to death, or worse capture, servitude and torture at the hands of the slavers, blood elves, and demon allies, 200 dead sounds relatively small an amount, but to the Nexxi it is a deep wound, as the souls of their people are re-born in the bodies of their children 10 years after that soul perishes, except when they are not in connection to the planet. The 200 souls they lost that day were lost never to be seen again. Many Nexxi hold deep bitterness over this. Because they are reborn and do not completely die when their bodies die, they are extremely dangerous enemies to make, as they are quite willing to die for their freedom. The planet mourns the lost 200 and they are referred to, by the Nexxi, as “The Nexxi-lost”

The ritual of returning a soul to the planet when it dies, is deeply secrative and only done in the Center section of the Oracle. No one knows what happens there, but it lasts 2 full days and the Nexxi kneel in “Keeta” for them until the planet indicates the soul has been recieved. Because the souls of the Nexxi are reborn they are all spiritually related to one another, however, their bodies are not burdened with the stigma of intermarriage or birth defects, because the planet produces new souls for the Nexxi along with those that are reborn. These new souls will also be reborn after that first life has passed. New souls are guided and spiritually entrusted to the Oracle for their education. The souls that have been reborn 100 or more times eventually ascend and choose to live one final life before they are relegated to the halls of memory, where they are placed inside the Palix. The Palix serves as a place of memory and reverence. The souls here seek never to be reborn, but rest in their memories of all the lives they have lived.

Those that do not connect to the planet or turn away from the ways of the Nexxi, such as turning to evil deeds or embracing greed, hatred or treason, are given the ultimate punishment in the form of being executed without the possibilty of being reborn. Their souls are never collected by the planet and never enter the Palix. This is, of course, an extremely rare occurance as most that connect to the planet while young grow up being taught to respect life and follow the code of ethics of their people.  To date there have only been 5 that have suffered this fate. They are referred to as “The Fallen 5″

Taradeen is a harsh but exceptionally beautiful place, with a growing and unstable structure that evolves and improves itself daily. Those that venture into its regions would be wise to observe carefully, take notes, and contact the locals for assistance in navigating. Even the locals have reason to be careful, as their environment has not yet completed its evolution.

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Alderdeen lands: Dark Clover

Alderdeen lands: Dark Clover

Land name: Dark Clover

Unofficially called: The Shadowlands

The Shadowlands are in the Southern most part of the planet, Alderdeen.

In the Shadowlands the Vampires rule over all the night dwelling creatures. They are not evil creatures as folklore of other planets might indicate, in fact, the Shadowlands are a peaceful place with interesting and unusual creatures.

The Oracle of the Shadowlands.

The Moonstone oracle is used by all the creatures of the Shadowlands, but is primarily used for thinking creatures such as Vampires,Ghouls, Ghosts, Banshees, Witches, Warlocks, Shadow-dragons, Shadow-elves, Bajang, Boggarts, Furies, Gargoyles, Grims, Night-witches, Poltergeist, Will-o-the-Wisps, Succubus/Succubi, Shades, Wraiths, Sidhe cats, Sidhe wolves and others.

There are sub-creatures, such as greylings, which have no high thinking but are smaller thinking creatures that are treated and cared for here. Some such creatures are: Familiars, Torkins,Hellhounds, Grim dogs, and other pet-like creatures as are kept and cared for there.

All sections of planet Alderdeen have an active Oracle. They are used frequently to commune with the planet, which is sentinent. There is a healthy rivalry among the lands over whose Oracle is the best. The Oracle is the center of each lands government, community, and tribal laws. It is considered the lifeblood of the planet.

The outer Oracle section is a center for healing, education, governing and mediation between species. The middle area is for ceremonies like season rituals by the witches, celebrations, selection of familiars, and other such community events, including a local goods market. The inner oracle, called the Chamber. Is where the 3 most important rites occur and is specific to the Shadow-people.

Dark Clover is always in shadow, it is home to nocturnal and nightloving creatures, such as Vampires, Werewolves and others who prefer darkness. They have daylight but it is a shadowed one as the huge peaks of Bloodstone mountain block the sun from them providing a nice shadowed valley for the shadowland residents. The sun rotates past only the Northern half of the planet. The shadow of the mountain is where Dark Clover rests. It is the closest in location to the Darklands,  (referred to as Khemarcana by the Blood elves who took it by force 300 years previous).  (See also Darklands article)

Creatures that inhabit Dark Clover are the strongest predators, with the most species variety in their inhabitants. Second only to the Dragonlands in physical strength, the inhabitants of Dark Clover are ever watchful of their borders as the blood elves and night demons are so near.

Dark Clover is home to the Moonstone Oracle

Commonly seen inhabitants (short list) include:

Vampires (governing body ruled by Royal house)



















Were families

Night Witches






One does not enter the Shadowlands without a guide. The creatures are lawabiding, but each has their own nature and must be approached properly and with respect. If one were to enter the Zombie section of that land, for example, one might get eaten, if stupid enough to enter. As the saying goes “If one offers a  creature a free meal, do not be upset if the creature willingly accepts it.”

If Alderdeen were to be compared to Earth, Dark Clover would be like the Old West, or Texas. Martial law is used in areas that do not commune with the oracles. Hunting is by Clan law and policing of the borders fall to the Gargoyles and the Were families. Dark Clover utilizes local or non-local guides to lead visitors through, each village has a judge and a policing force. If a creature of any land falls on lean times a bit of coin can be had leading visiting spacers (tourists) safely through the area. Common visitors consist of scientists,  religious zealots,  artists, fanatics, herbalists, sabbaticals, vacationers, and trades-people.

Traveling as far as Dark Clover is considered a bit crazy, as the lawlessness of certain areas make it extremely dangerous to visit, not to mention its proximity to the Dark Lands, where people are known to dissappear never to be seen again. Most visitors never go further than the Desert oasis land of Sandbridge, which is always happy to part tourists from their money.

Other lands are considered too harsh to travel through ( Icelands and Bloodstone mountain) are difficult physically to navigate successfully Dragonland) or are magically impossible to locate (The Elf lands and the lush underwater land of Z land) Therefore, most tourists never see all of Alderdeen.

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Alderdeen lands: Sandbridge

I want to write a 13 book series about a world created completely in my head. I am mapping out the entire world, land-by- land. I am being so meticulous, in fact, I may never actually get to the stories, cause I am a dork who lives in her head.

Anyway, here are the details of the first of my lands, and those that live there, feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts on my world.

Aldereen lands:  Sandbridge

Offical name: Sandbridge

Unofficial name: Desertlands

The Desertlands are the destination of most of the tourist and trading people that come to planet Alderdeen. The second is the coastline of the Zealandia ocean, which is where the Merlands are located underwater.

The Desertlands are a hotbed for tourism. This is the only place to obtain the workmanship of the Elves, Shadowland Witches and Wizards, and other in demand Para items. In the entire galaxy. Some of these on-demand items are legal, many of them not. In edition to the plethora of goods for sale, there is also the lure of sex houses, gambling and drinking. The best and worst happens here and no one lives in Sandland without using their wits. Those without wits generally fall victim to thieves and other nefarious types.

The Desertlands is like a big city, but with pockets of Desert style thrown in. The Architecture is similar to that of India or Arabian Desert homes. Rich tapestries and clothes to change the sameness of the sand and mud. Tons of vocal and lyrical music that lends an exotic and beautiful flavor to the surroundings. The dark skin and thick hair of the women make them much sought after and coveted. This is also the one place in Alderdeen you may encounter humans. Generally Human slaves or wealthy slaveowners, but a small percentage of freed slaves do dwell here. The rest of Sandbridge is Alien. Aliens from other planets and worlds visit this trading port frequently,so, many creatures have not been seen or encountered before. The desert region of this planet,is most known for the following most plentiful residents.

Dragons: (Fire, Stone, and Gem Dragons call this place home.) This place has all manner of Dragonkind. Both Humanoid and Reptilian born.

Harpys: Dangerous, sly and always up to some deal or other. Harpies are known for their beautiful bodies and extremely ugly heads, that of a bird or snake.

Fire Drakes: Similar to Dragons, and in the same family species, these creatures are closer to Salimanders than Dragons in appearance and mentality. They have elemental powers but no real magic. In fact, they are the only creatures on Alderdeen on which magic absolutely does not work. Drakes hate magic,in fact, because they find it to smell bad. Fire Drakes are exceptional dealmakers, when a deal is being done most traders will insist upon a Drake being present to suss out any magic tricks or sly maneuvering. Of course, one must be careful to get an honest Drake that cannot be corrupted by their massive greedy for coin. (This means most Drakes are known to be corruptable…traders do well to have one in their pocket already paid for)

Naga: The Naga/Naginis do a strong business here. They are magical creatures, but extremely fair in their dealings and many prefer them to the Drakes, which means they tend to hate one another. The most seen Naga, are those that are Snake Headed, but there are a few that are Human head with Snake Body. The Immortal Naga (A much much bigger Naga than the others mentioned) however, is generally hardly seen at all, (and if they don’t want to be never). Immortal Human head Naga can transform into human for several hours and cannot be distinquished from other humans,they have a particularly good manner of blending in with dress and manners similar to that of even the most crafty local. If an Immortal Naga is in the market, no one has a clue about it. Immortal Naga are generally found underneath Sandbridge in caves deep underneath the surface.  Naga are so particular about their privacy that even other immortal Naga will keep their distance from one another. They do come together to share information and trade favors, but for the most part they are almost completely self-sufficiant.

Gypsies and Tribes: Tribes and Gypsies make up the largest concentration of on-worlders at Sandbridge. They are generally mixed people from every section of Alderdeen. Those that cannot live among their own people, for whatever reason, generally find companionship and acceptance among the Gypsy camp or tribal camp. Tribes are only different from Gypsies in that they do not travel, preferring to live in the high plateau caves above the desert in caverns and canyons carved from the blowing sand.  There is much ritual and tradition to be accepted into these groups and they have a style of fighting that is extremely effective and fierce. Some Red Silks have been known to join the tribes for short periods in order to learn these fighting skills before returning to their own group. (See Tribal/ Gypsies for more info) (See also Red Silk and Blue Silk assassins)

Offworlders: Aliens to Alderdeen are all manner of creature. There are as many creatures as there are people and some are seen that have never been see before. Sandbridge is the place for anyone who seeks knowledge, goods or assistance, both for good or ill.

Since Sandbridge is such a hotbed of trade, it is also a place where lots of villainous deeds are plotted and secrets can be bought and sold, for a price. This is the reason Qwill bases his home here. If he wants to know what is being plotted and ways to thwart just about anyone, he needs to be here and this is where he is most active and where his talents are tested daily. (See also Qwillian Prince of Thieves)

Sandbridge Above:

Cliffs with hidden caves and large caverns can be found here above Sandbridge. Since there are many upper levels to Sandbridge one never knows who is watching from above. This is also the place where Drakenriding is taught for those interested in bonding with a Draken. A Draken is different to a Dragon, in that they do not change form from dragon and are not evolved from the original Dragon species.

Draken are thinner in body, faster in the sky, and bond for life with a rider who cares for and protects them all their lives. They speak mind-to-mind with their rider and with one another. Messages for other riders are passed through one Draken to another who then communicates to their own rider the thoughts of others.  

Drakenriders are the fighting force for the Desertlands. They police the most dangerous of activities and keep theft to a minimum. They are the only type of Dragonkind that Drakes will tolerate, but only slightly as their goody-goody ways annoy most Drakes on some level. Draken will only bond with a rider who has the cleanest soul and purest intentions. They cannot stay bonded with a rider that changes from this high standard.

A Draken is said to be able, like a Oracle, to see right into a man or woman’s heart and see their intentions and inner secrets. The saying on planet is “He was too shifty for a Draken” or “He couldn’t bond with a Draken even if he were dipped in Angel blood” Many will consider the reaction of a Draken to someone as very revealing to their character. If a Draken doesn’t like someone,no matter how much they protest they will never be completely trusted.

Sandbridge Below: It is not that the underground caves are unknown to anyone in Sandbridge, it is that they take too bloody long to reach that no one ever wanders that way…not to mention the person must be able to breathe underwater, since the entrance is straight down under the ocean and then up into the cave by means of twisty pathways and narrow channels.

Even if someone were to venture into the depths looking to enter the caves, the pathways and channels that lead into the caves are like puzzles and mazes, specifically crafted over time by Naga magic to prevent looters and others from ever finding them. The saying onworld is “It is easier to find a way into Heaven than for one to find their way into a Naga treasure house .” Naga themselves are dangerous to cross, as they have a very high moral ethic of trust and honesty and the ferocity to kill without a flicker of remorse, anyone found undeserving of the right to remain breathing. To question Naga honesty is a deep and trade-killing insult. Of course, they are also too honest to trade goods that are nefarious or illegal in nature, therefore most seeking those kinds of trade are stuck making deals with the Fire Drakes who are known to be less picky and more questionable in their moral fibers.

When it comes to Dragons, Drakens, and Drakes…the difference in their moral ethics is clearly defined. The Dragons and Draken are highly moralistic and hold themsleves to a high level of ethics. As for the Drakes, well…as the locals say “Something went a bit twisty there”

The heat in the Desertlands is intense. There are wastelands that are not highly habitated. The Sandbridge trading city itself being the main attraction, those who live in the more isolated areas are often bandit tribes, criminals on the run, or bounty hunters. It is never a good idea to wander from the city itself without a guide.

Guides. Sandbridge is where guides can be bought and booked for trips just about anywhere. There are distinct ones that specialize in certain areas of the planet, there are questionable ones that serve no one but themselve and are considered Private Jigs, men who prefer to work for themselves and not share their commissions with others, and there are group tradesmen who work as a group to lead large bookings or many individual books going to the same location at the same time.

Specialty: These guys cost a lot to hire. They only go to specific area of Alderdeen and one must show proper paperwork and claim forms etc to even get to point one with them. They are generally former Drakenriders or current riders taking in a bit of extra income.

The Elvin guides are the most sought after and the most picky, not to mention, the most expensive. They will decide if you are good enough, not the other way around.

The Elflands are magical and cannot be found without a guide, unless you happen to be Elf yourself..and sometimes, even if you are. Elflands cannot be entered unless you have a damned good reason for going there. Wanting to see Elves, is NOT a good enough reason. Wanting to see Elf Architecture is also NOT a good enough reason. Neither is wanting to meet a Queen, or wanting to bed an Elf..which is a popular request but actually an ignorant one, since everyone knows an Elf only feels sexual urges for his mate, and will wait hundreds of years for them if they have too. Not to say that Elves are not sexual, if they are between the age of 90-100 they are extremely sexual (Considered the the wild oats phase) but once an Elf passes into their Mate Day Ritual, they are pretty much uninterested in anyone after that. Good luck finding an Elf in that small window of sexual interest who is not already visiting the brothols of Sandybridge. (Seriously, don’t travel to Elflands for that..go to the brothels and bars in Sandbridge).

Those seeking to enter the Elflands generally have already booked way ahead of time, and those that haven’t well..convincing the elves might be a tad difficult. The Elves are the only race that completely protects their people 100%. They are generally uncorruptable. Elves are well-known for their inability to lie, this does not mean they cannot answer in a manner that allows them to leave the truth out. Experts at saying things slyly, one would do well to carefully phrase questions when asking an Elf for a straight answer.

Now, if you want to visit the Elflands on the outerbanks and can make friends with Orcs, you might get close enough to see where the Elflands might or might not be located. Um…did we mention it is hidden by magic?

The Shadowland guides are less picky unless you happen to be someone that obviously annoys them, then, they will band together and stonewall your efforts.

It is not that they have high moral standards, it is just that they know trying to trick the residents of Shadowland is pretty much impossible. They dare you to give it a go and will take your money whilst they laugh at you. Did I mention the Shadowlands are the strongest magical nd second strongest creatures on the planet?

Even the Dark Land inhabitants pause nervously before attempting to enter the shadowlands. It is the one place on the planet that will actively attempt to eat you. You are welcome to try to find the Shadowlands yourself, after all Dark Clover is on the is really close to the Dark Lands and people go missing, all the time. It is less about needing a guide, and more about arriving to the Shadowlands alive. Know what I mean?

Merguides: Going underwater? Happy to assist! The Merguides are pretty helpful, so long as you can swim and breathe underwater it is a go, if you cannot do these things, well…going to an underwater city might not work out for you. The one and only rule for going to the Merlands? Touch their women and you will probably die. Just a fair warning.

Icelands: Traveling to the Icelands? You will need stuff. Lots of stuff. Lots of warm and protective stuff. The cold gets down to about -550 there so…yeah, lots of stuff. If you plan to go there be sure to bring some protective gear..most of the things that live out there are really,really hungry.

Dragonblood Mountain: Dragons are amazing creatures and many tourists want to meet and learn about them. Dragonblood mountain is the center of holistic training andvthe center of learning for both Ironforge work and other major crafting. They are also the location of Alderdeen’s largest library of knowledge, both their world and 1000’s of others. Some that do not even exist anymore.

They are a specialty land where learning and training in magic and craft is extensively sought. Some acedemics come to Dragonblood mountain and never want to leave. This is the one place on Alderdeen that has a lqrge concentration of offworlders living there, and they get lots of visitor mingling about sharing information. Unlike the Trader Aliens that frequent Sandbridge, these are generally Aliens of influence and thought, interested in sharing their knowledge and learning from masters of magic and other crafts. Many revered by others for their experience and historic significance.

Dragonblood mountain is easy to get access to and their guides are generally students who just want some extra money. Since Dragonblood mountain is extremely close to Sandbridge, it is only a short 3-4 hour trip to take groups through to it

Though, some might decide to forego the guide, it is probably a good idea to have one, since only the central peak is open to tourists and knowledge seekers. Last thing anyone wants is to piss off a Dragon for wandering where you shouldn’t have.

Private Jigs: Private hire guides are renogades. Don’t get too picky. They have a love of privacy, tend to wear black, and hide their faces, and well..they are sometimes crooks. There are some that just don’t like to share their coin with a group, or prefer to work alone, but they pretty much look the same as the crooks. Good luck weeding them out.

Group Tour Guides: These are often done by Gypsy or Tribesmen who want a bit of extra money and need to go to the place that you are going anyway. They will either lead whole groups of people who are traveling together,or make up a group of individuals traveling seperately but going to the same place at the same time. These are good bets for those who enjoy meeting and getting to know a diverse people. They are a bit nosy though, and do not know the meaning of quiet.  

They only travel to 3 locales. The Shadowlands, Bloodstone mountain (Some parts are considered Elfland, but are at the foot of the mountain) and the Icelands. Anyone wishing to go to the Elflands will have to see the Specialty guides, as I have one gets into Elflands without permission.

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I am weirdly obsessed with the idea of my personal design tastes. I have this vision of myself sitting in a chair sewing, looking about my home that resonates with bits of who I am, whilst gazing quietly, and protectively, over someone asleep on the couch where he belongs.

My tastes reflect embarrassingly emotional and spiritual parts of myself.

I am artistic, creative, nostalgic, sentimental, textural and a complete lover of the quirky and unconventional.

My pinterest pin board is impressive which just might translate to Odd and slightly in need of a life.


Anyway, here is the link..pray for me.

Pinterest obsession

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Ice Scream Dream

Ok, just had another “interesting” dream. It was rather short. I was walking and happened upon a strange sight. In most dreams,weird stuff is accepted as reality. Purple Hippos in Tutus? No problem. Taxis that ride on the roofs of houses and in the sky like Harry Potter? Totally normal.

So, it amused me (in my dream thinking) that my dream self considered the next thing as weird. She (me) happened across a family with catapults and thick slabs of different colors and flavors of ice cream. They appeared to be having the mother of all ice cream fights. Launching ice cream at the enemies at the other side. The amusing part came in, because dream me was annoyed by the complete waste of ice cream. Really, Debbie Downer? Upset over that fun stuff not being eaten? Really? I need to disown this chick!

Thank goodness she redeemed herself by thinking “May be next year they will let me join them.” Thaddagirl! Hope for you yet.

Dream me is definitely unlike me in many ways. How odd. I would have been all up in the counter offensive.

Note to self.***No more Klondike bars before bed.***

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Ever have a day whereby it is defined not by that fact that you have nothing to say, but too much, soo much you cannot speak, because the too much you have to say, is what is keeping you from being able to speak in the first place?

Yeah, I confuse me too.

I feel too much. There are just sometimes no words that adequately cover what I am feeling, and to try is to somehow simplify that which cannot, should not, be seen as simple to explain.To speak is to lose my way.

I am struck mute today.

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Deep thought of the day


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