My hot mess hair selfie

My friends always tease me for mentioning my on-going battle with my hair (I curse while brushing it sometimes) the natural curl is a hot mess. My friends tease me mostly because they have never seen it Au Naturel….well…this is your chance!

Don’t blame me if you have nightmares.



A nest for rabid caterpillers. Yup.



Journal entry June 16, 2018

Well, I originally planned to take Shay out and visit the Dim Sum Diner today. The flowering tea looked very interesting and I wanted to try it out (apparently the tea features a blooming tea plant inside the tea pot that adds to the uniqueness of the experience.) Lets be honest, I also want me some Dim Sum.

Since Adam is vegetarian, we decided that wouldn’t suit. Adam suggested Burger Fusion instead. I got the bacon and cheese curd fusion burger (still have drool on my chin).

I really liked the Brisk Green Tea and Mango fountain drink I paired with my meal. I’m thinking I will buy this for my lunches at some future time.

We stopped (and by we I mean I insisted like an annoying 5 year old with a camera fetish) and took photos of the cool art I’ve been hankering to capture downtown (Seriously! Our downtown is hella interesting!!) I particularly loved the silhouettes in the upper story windows.

On the way home I insisted on stopping and buying #SweetMeCreamery pints for Shay and Adam. I tried this new product yesterday and the Sea Salt Chocolate was amazing!! Soooo…soooo amazing!! They had a buy 2 get one free coupon on offer at Festival Foods (It was meant to be!)

Now I’m home chillin out to some Midwest Witches with Aunt Tillie and the Winchester Witches and some high velocity fan (It’s freaking hot people!!)



Each day I wake and remember

3 reasons to keep going.

1) Because I’m not done learning.

2) Because I’m not done teaching

3) Because he (TMW5T) hasn’t given up either.

If he can, I can.

My true strength comes from constantly surprising myself with how brave I was in the past tense when I didn’t even realize I was going to be when it was still the present.