Ghost boy

I remember your shoulders

Clenched inward,

where my fingertips could not hope to reach you.

But I tried.

Your head was so low to the ground

You never saw me looking down at you.

Hoping you would look up

and see me.

You wanted so much to be unseen

Safer that way.

But lonely.

I saw you.

I remember your thin arms

as they clasped your knees

and tried desperately

to hold your sorrow in.

Forgive me for being too shy

to know how to approach you.

I was smaller than you

and had yet to learn my voice.

I remember you.

Could never forget.

Your silence taught me how to listen.

Your pain taught me to talk.

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Quirky Decor 1.1

015851146744d62fe7ee558b91d609e7Click the photo to check out this weeks Quirky Decor post

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March 25, 2015 · 4:41 pm

Artist: Morgan Davidson


Click the Photo!

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Innovative Design 1.1: Going Green


Click the Photo.

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Quirky Decor 1.0


Clicky Clicky the Piccy! (You know you wanna!)

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Cool new stuff

Ok, so if you look at the previous post you might wonder what’s up. Well, I have just started another blog. A place for my love of art, design, creativity and aesthetics. Thing is, not everyone wants to check out other stuff. They come here for poetry! So, I decided to make it fun and user-friendly. I will post links to articles on my other blogs, but discreetly, you just click the photo, and away you go! If you came for poetry, the post isn’t huge or clunky, interrupting important poetry-time and relaxation! Just scroll on by poetry-lovers!

If you kinda like the new features and wanna see more posts, but about a specific area, (like art!)You can also click on the page tabs listed at the top of my header. On the page for that blog, you will find active links for each topic, ready to wisk you away to your hearts delight. Once you finish enjoying my other blog, you can find your way back here, just by clicking the corresponding tab for my poetry blog and selecting A Soft Place To Rest, to come back to the main blog.

I am still working on linking everything up, but I hope to create lots of content for you as time goes by.

Happy clicking!

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Innovative Design 1.0

Innovative Design 1.0


Click the photo to see my newest Innovative Design finds.

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