Stuff I know way too much about

Twin Flames (Yes, I have one. No, I’ve never met him.)

Kundalini Awakening (Yes, I’ve had one. Yes, it was scary No, I didn’t die)

Psychic Intuitive (Yes)

Mystic Sages (Yes)

Dark Night of the Soul (Ouch…Yes)

Chakras (Mine all opened at the same time)

Auras (I see, seriously)

Yods (Yes, I have one. It’s a pain in the butt)

Astrology (Still learning)

Tarot (I use it to intuit)

Numerology (Been there, researched that)

Shadow-work (Work it baby, work it)

Light-work (The good guys)

Meditating (Ooommmm)

Indigo and Crystal children. (I am one, I have one)

I have no idea why I’m listing these, I’ve just been looking for insight into my path.


Step sideways

If you step, one step,

to either side,

you will find the sun.

It’s only failure if you stop here,

back bowed in suffering,

defeated by your challenges.

Move forward,

discover the truth of life.

If you don’t stop,

what feels like failure,

becomes valuable experience.

Life is viewpoint.

Wisdom is knowing when

to change your trajectory.

Step sideways.

Find the sun waiting.


Ten things

1) The sound of running water.

2) The moment just before meditation ends.

3) The smell of fresh cut Apple’s.

4) The feeling of falling asleep.

5) The memory of something you just remembered.

6) Finally able to forgive.

7) The sound of a much-loved voice.

8 ) The sight of a familiar tree.

9) The taste of a meal you haven’t had in ages.

10) The last ten steps in a long journey.


Enter in

If you’ve never stood inside a shadow,

how can you appreciate the sun?

If you’ve never tasted bitter regret,

how can you savor the love you’ve won?

If you’ve never felt your heart break,

how will you learn that love can heal?

If you never tested your faith,

how can you trust the way you feel?

There is a purpose for every moment.

There is a reason for every doubt.

Within each person’s struggle

there is a truth that must come out.