Candlelit showers

I miss my sisters tub…I’d get some candles, really nice pomegranate and citrus bath gel and just relax in the bath. Sadly, my place only has a shower..bummer.

Looks like I’m having a candlelit shower…better than nothing I recon.

Ps. I adopted a returned Bonsai Tree (she said he was dying..yeah because she under watered him duh!!). I named him Ping and he’s adorable. Now to just find out what kind of music he grows best to. I gotta help him regrow hims lost leaves. Stoopid woman!


Sex appeal quiz

I did a quiz that’s suppose to reveal what kind of sex appeal style you have. I had a friend recently dare me to fill out a sex questionnaire but, dude I blush just reading paranormal romance. This is as close as I’ll get to telling my secrets. I can’t talk about my personal bedroom..um..err..stuff. Let’s just say some people would be surprised and leave it at that (I admit nothing…but a few of my favorite fantasies include a kink or two..soo there!)

If she does manage to corner me..it’s gonna take lots of ice cream and convincing. (Yes, I am blushing like a 🍅) My 4 sisters have all been known to take great pleasure in making me cringe by telling me EVERYTHING I never wanted to know about their sex lives. Soo..that ice cream would HAVE to be really freaking good.





The new astrology trend I DO NOT support

Apparently, there is a new trend of using a person’s sun sign to determine if they should get a job, date someone, or even become someone’s roommate.

That’s kinda the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!! and here is why:

Your sun sign is only your public face. It’s like only 1 tiny isolated part of you! It’s who you start out as. Your personal blueprint, as it were. Not only does a person have a ton of other planets in signs also affecting them..(Hello!!rising sign much?? !!) and a hell of a lot of aspects affecting your personality depending on where everything falls but, just as your body grows, your blueprint changes as you grow also! It’s called growth people!

I mean your Moon sign affects your emotions and more intimate interactions. Your Mars shows how you fight and your masculine side, your Venus is how you view and express love. All these signs, they interact. They strengthen or weaken. They can be built on or torn down!!

Then there are the HOUSES!! OMG!!! The sign your house falls in, the house your planet falls in and even how freaking close they are to each other! Next come the ASPECTS. All these things can affect your personality. Why the hell do you think Astrologists need the exact time of birth and the exact place of birth?!!! HELLO!!

This stuff takes a lot of freaking work to figure out! Just reading my posts should tell you that!

Judging someone based on a single sign on their chart (and only the public face sign at that!!!) is like deciding to marry someone based only on hair color. Or choosing a career based on what letter of the alphabet it starts in (nope sorry can’t be a nurse it starts with an N!!!)

Sounds dumb right? Well, that’s what it sounds like to someone who actually studies real charts and KNOWS that these things have layers like an onion, and EVEN then, a person can have personal growth, personal experiences, and interactions with other people who impact those signs as well!

Then there is that thing called age and wisdom. Even people born exactly the same date, time AND place will be different from one another..because the people you interact with as you grow up?…guess what!! They have signs too! And through interactions with those signs people learn tolerance, love, and acceptance.

What astrology IS, is a blueprint. It’s an idea of the bones of something. How it began, not how it ends up.

Imagine looking at a blueprint of a house that has been remodeled 27 times. That original blueprint is helpful in identifying the foundation, the load-bearing walls, and maybe even where doors and rooms USE to be but, that first blueprint cannot begin to cover the changes and effects of time and rebuilding. That’s all about the life that was lived within those walls since that house was built.

Astrologists can tell you things to look for, helpful ways to understand how signs might interact, and things that can cause problems but, if love exists.  No MATTER HOW INCOMPATIBLE SOMEONE LOOKS ON PAPER..it’s their will to work on things that has the final say! The same can also be said for the opposite direction. It can look great on paper but only actual time and attention can prove things out. If you don’t do the work..all relationships..ANY relationship will fail.

Astrology is a tool…not a black or white solution. It shows possibilities, roadblocks and strengths..but it’s people that make the true difference.

So stop being an asshat and do the actual research on a person! They make Synastry charts and Composite charts for a reason! Even then, nothing can replace good old fashioned time and effort. You put in the time and effort and nothing can keep you from relating to one another. Because it’s about a whole person communicating and loving another whole person!






If you have never seen the old classic comedy Coupling, you missed out on one of the funniest sitcoms EVER made. But don’t fret! You have the opportunity to fix this grievous error. They are now streaming it on Hulu.
Trust me…it’s laugh-out-loud hilarious!!

Would I lie to you?!


Pin-eyed people

This is the story of how I started doodling pin-eyed people. Working at BRU I use to get stuck at a desk all the time. When I had slow periods, I began to doodle. I don’t draw as well as my son but, I like doodling people. I stick to a sort-of “stick figure” version that works for me.

I didn’t realize it but, people started finding my doodles. A few even admitted to keeping them. I really liked that each doodle somehow always looked different from the others.

My friend in England, Matt, started to refer to them as “Pin-eyed people”.  He’s an artist who doesn’t paint anymore so, I kinda thought “Wow, ok soo maybe they aren’t that bad. I’ll keep doing them.” I started a doodle scratch book for fun. By Christmas of 2015 I’d filled the whole book! I even made a card collection of them on Neon Mob. I sent the book to my son after photographing some and placing them on a page here on my blog.

My friend Matt brought them up recently and he sounded like he missed seeing them. How weird. I never thought anyone noticed. He said it’s how he knows I’m happy.

The reason I mention it is, is because I’ve gone ahead and started a new doodle scratch book. I write a bit about my day and include a pin-eyed person. When I’m done with this one, it’s going to Kazza!

Here are some of the ones I’ve done so far. They aren’t fancy but, I kinda like them.




Dating cheat sheet

Once again, I am a sucker for friends who insist I answer weird quizzes online.

If someone were dating you and needed a little help, what might they need to know? Answer the following questions and TELL THE TRUTH!

1) Favorite flowers?

Daisies, Sunflowers and Hyacinths.

2) Favorite Date activity?

Movie Night!

3) Secret favorite date activity?

Holding hands.

4) Favorite cologne?

I like em all. I like the smell of cologne a lot.

5) Favorite Color? Blue and Teal

6) If he buys you a present what would impress you most?

A book.

7) Secretly you probably checked out his?

Hands. It’s a sickness.

8) The best kisses are?

One’s where they hold the back of your neck.

9) Best after main event activity?


10) How does he know you rreeeaaally like him?

If I kiss him on the cheek. I’m a complete spaz when it comes to kissing. I would pass out if I had to  try kissing his mouth…I’d probably wuss out and kiss his cheek.

11) If he does this he’s dead in the water? Rude to the waiter.

12) If he does this you will inwardly cheer?

Holds the door for me.

13) What common gesture of politeness might freak you out?

Pulling out my chair. I’m a klutz soo I’d screw that up in a hurry!!

14) What would cause the biggest slap on the 1st date?

Grabbing any of my body parts inappropriately.

15) What approach works best?

Make me laugh.


Listen to your 2nd thought, not your 1st.

There is a meme floating around the net that says something like: ” The very first reactive thought you have is conditioning and the 2nd is the new you trying to break that old conditioning. Therefore, when you hear that old crusty bird saying nasty stuff because you are having a judgemental moment, follow it with a correction.

Voice thought #1 “Omg! Why is she dancing soo sexy, boys will think she’s easy.”

Voice thought #2 “She can dance  however she wants, what others think is their issue, not hers!”

Correct every negative with a positive. This is how we build new thoughts and change taught behavior!


Note to self:

Dear self, when you decide to eat the giant-sized Hershey’s kiss in your cupboard and go to cut it up…it’s kinda important to all future plans to eat things that require two hands (and fingers) like hamburgers,  NOT to almost chop your fingers off trying to cut through a dome-shaped slippy-type thing, with an inadequate knife (namely a steak knife)

You need safer knives…IDIOT!

Ps. I didn’t chop off my fingers…honest. No thanks to my impressive knife skills (or lack thereof)..



Pss. Stop referring to Keanu Reeves as “A Tender Roni” just because he’s in San Fran…nobody gets the joke because that Rice commercial isn’t even on tv anymore and nobody remembers that Bobby Brown song! ::blush::

:::hee hee hee hee:::


Peaceful protest and violent groups

I have opinions, I admit it! Most of my beliefs are layered like an onion. They aren’t and never have been black & white.

For example:

I am a fierce believer in the right to peaceful protest and demonstration. However, I have one belief that clashes with this one. I don’t believe that peaceful protest can be applied to those who support violence or violent treatment of others. I believe, by that groups very nature, that attempting a “peaceful” demonstration, is a demonstration in hypocrisy.

Even if that group is peacefully demonstrating in that moment, they are advocating violence in other moments and this…THIS goes against the very nature of. what it means to be peaceful.

I also believe that sometimes violence as a result or reaction to violence is sometimes the only way to make change.

Let me be clear. I am with the ones who were violated against and support their right to fight back. You might think that’s screwy thinking violence is a solution to violence .but, I just believe that if you start a fight you don’t get to stop others from reacting to what you caused. You don’t get to expect better than you gave from those you harmed. You don’t get to expect better treatment than your victims received at your own hands.

Being sorry you started a fire, doesn’t mean that the forest has to forgive you for setting fire to it.

You don’t deserve sympathy and compassion from the scorched forest when you also accidentally set your own house on fire.



Cactus rage is sharp

Ok, soo I kept hearing this jangle noise. It was totally annoying me in the middle of the night. I started looking like an uber dork slinking around my apartment attempting to find the source ( think pink panther with a lack of cat-like finesse)

See, I am (quite possibly) the lightest sleeper on the planet. To wake me up one only need think my name and I wake up. True story. (Mostly) soo it was really getting to me..this damned repetitive noise!

Anyway, I thought I’d discovered the cause…Don Prickles, my cactus must be vibrating on top of the frig and hitting another glass container right? Nope. It kept going…and Don actually stuck me in retaliation as I returned him to his spot…(he won’t admit he did it on purpose though!)

Finally found the cause this morning….the jingle bell metal Christmas tree ornament was catching an updraft from the heater. I punished him by putting him away until next Christmas.  Sigh*** Now Don Prickles isn’t speaking to me. Crap…

Soo..how does one go about apologizing to a cactus for a false accusation??

If you are wondering why I talk about my cactus like it’s a person you really ought to learn about my personality type ( INFP) and the way those with my type are with inanimate objects.

Or even here

(Heh…yup..totally me)

And um…yes, I admit it. If I touch one of my stuffed animals as I pass by I must touch ALL of them! I don’t wanna hurt anybody’s feelings ok!!!


Translating TMW5T’s Midheaven in Gemini

Ok…soo..I was going to translate this placement from my notes today. Then, I realised, this is a biggie! Like one of his biggest placements. In fact, it’s a biggie no matter who you are.

There are about 11 pages of notes here.  Phew** that’s a lot of information ok!

I have mixed feelings about my notes. I keep flip-flopping between being exasperated at myself for doing such a thorough job on this, and being pleased that I recognized the importance of this placement for TMW5T.  Next to his Sun/Moon and Rising. This guys MC says quite a lot about him. (Like a lot, a lot!)

Therefore, I’m going to work on it in parts and simply save my progress until it is completed. Probably won’t post it tonight. (I’m not gonna lie It’s my day off and I want to watch some tv..lol)

The Midheaven, in a natal chart indicates career goals and aspirations. The MC also indicates our social standing and how the public views us. Seeing as TMW5T is, who he is, it’s important that I do a thorough job on this. I will say that it’s gonna be worth the wait though, his placement is freaking amazing dude!!

I haven’t been sitting on my bum though! I just completed the notes on both Pallas and Juno, so be sure to check those out!