Dear Man with 5 Typewriters,

Wanna hear something weird?

I have dreamt about the same boy my whole life. My mom thought he was my imaginary friend when I was a kid. I called him Alex. He literally grew up with me. I still dream about him as an adult (though, it did take me awhile to realize adult dream person was the same as child dream person) Does weird stuff ever happen to you or, is that just a “me” thing?

I write about my dreams on here sometimes.




Fate is still fate

even, when it arrives on fussy fingers.

Even if the worst storm hits

and the sky overturns.

Fate cares not for this.

It comes.

Like the ever present advancement of night following day.

Fate comes.

Fate comes because it is time,

not because it’s convenient.

Daily Doings August 7th, 2018


Daily doings:

Worked on Shay’s Blackwork present (Yes, it’s STILL not done)

I’ve been listening to this book by Maddie Dawson. The way she writes is enchanting. “The Great Lobster Escape” chapter made me laugh in such a way that I believe joy entered my room.

Stopped briefly, at mid-day for a snack. Doritos, Cantaloupe, String cheese, flavoured water and a granola bar. Excellent.

Dinner tonight was make-your-own-salad. So, I did. It was totally yum.

Last night I received the comment you see, on my Facebook wall. I laughed until my belly hurt. Definitely a harder job than it looks. 😛 ❤