Lessons from the universe

You know what’s interesting about the universe? It gives lessons to everyone. Nobody “graduates” from life lessons. They keep presenting themselves until the day you die.

The REALLY interesting thing about them, though, is the way the universe teaches. It doesn’t just force a lesson. It gives you warnings before you mess up beyond correction. It gives you signs and whispers that you are going down the wrong path. Like an expert teacher, it redirects you into the right stance, the correct position, the most successful pattern. The problem isn’t that we aren’t being instructed. The problem is that we aren’t listening for those instructions.

We succeeded at our previous lessons or get caught up in believing we don’t need lessons anymore. Then, we start trying to instruct others. We try to tell other people things, when we haven’t even completed our own learning and like I mentioned before, we are never done. Therefore, perhaps we shouldn’t look to instruct other people. Maybe, we should admit we are also still learning and just listen. Share our own lessons and listen to others who are learning theirs.

We look at young people and assume that because they are young they are meant to be taught, but, any teacher will tell you, some kids teach you lessons! Some kids are wiser than you. So..maybe wisdom isn’t based on age. Maybe wisdom is just realizing what lessons we have learned, and what lessons we haven’t.

The best rule of thumb, I think, is not assuming we have figured anything out. It’s listening and hearing our universe speaking, telling us when we are about to mess up something we are attempting to do.

Recognising our “teachers” whomever they might be, regardless of what they look like, how old they are, what their religion, sexual orientation, or personal beliefs might be. We don’t get to decide if our “teachers” have a right to teach us, the universe picks the teacher, it is our job to be open to learning. We are the student and the first step is being open to any lesson, from any teacher.

Because, life lessons are too important to pick and choose what ones to learn and what ones to ignore. That’s not how the universe works. The teachers come. We learn.


The wealth of a soulful wandering

If freedom be not for everyone,
Then, it be not for me.
My integrity would bitter become,
with the lingering scent of that which deserved better treatment.
A man is only content,
if all be content beside him.
If my neighbor lives in strife,
Then, so shall I, for life.
For who can sustain this mockery,
if his brother exists in poverty?
I’d rather make do with mediocrity
so my brother feels my affinity.
Tis not a matter of being humble.
Tis a matter of being human.

The memory of mint

Let me breathe in these moments.
Through my nose, into my lungs,
down to the tips of my toes and back up again.
Let me permeate my sentences
with the scents of yesterday’s textural explorations.
Let each tender moment be blessed with thoughtful pauses.
Let these lessons blow through like a forest of music, lighting up my hearing and making each sound matter a hundred times the hearing.
Let these moments have weight and poignancy.
Let them linger like perfume, so that my aging heart recalls, if not the memory itself, then its shadowy outline, etched elegantly into my soul like a lovers inscription.
Let these echos dance like people.
Let each note wind around my spine and emesh itself in my bones.
Never alone.
No, never!
so long as the memory of your face regards me.

Sewing project


This is the piece I’ll be sewing for Shay. Finished size is 18×24. The cloth I chose is 22 count Hardinger. The pattern calls for 24 count. They didn’t have 24 count in the size I needed, hopefully it will still look amazing. The size cloth I got was 30×36 allowing a nice spacing for when Shay mounts and frames it professionally (Which shes had done for every piece I’ve ever done for her.)The piece is called “His Master’s Voice” by Lisa Parker. The part that made Shay gasp, is that the cloth is white, but calls for an absolute ton of black stitches. 35 skeins to be precise. Obviously I’ll go in small patches of purchasing…can’t afford it all in one go.

The pattern was $19.99 and the cloth $11.99. Not sure how much the final floss cost will be but, of the 85 colors called for (roughly 125 skeins), I bought about 38 skeins today which came to .56 cents each at Hobby Lobby ($21.28) I don’t really mind the cost. (I’m just intriqued by how much big pieces like this tend to run for future plotting) It will be really worth it to do a quality piece of art for Shay. My sister has been a total angel all these months. I was out of work for about 4 months and she never let me go without. I have THE BEST family!!

So far, I’ve completed 9,600 stitches. I know it doesn’t look like it, but that’s because the stitches are very, very tiny.


Long live the fool

Don’t fear being a fool.
Fools have ever been the harbingers of change.
Up, or down, in the end,
still an answer.

The real sin is indecision.
Standing uncertain
losing the chance to make a foolish attempt.
Fools are brave.
They leap with every reason not to.

Fools may be fools
but they aren’t sheep.
Sheep don’t dream.
They just cluster together
afraid to be more than sheep.