In the palm of my hand

I will hold your faith in my palm
so that when you are shaken and troubled
you can find it waiting, resting..until you need it.

I will hold your integrity in my heart
for what better place to keep it safe
then in the place that loves you best?

I will hold your soul in my eye
for when you feel you’re about to lose it
you need only hold my gaze
and it is held fast to you again.

I will hold your love in my love.
for love calls to love
and they keep each other
very good company.

We do not need special words
that spill like marbles
lost on the floor and under the furniture
never truly felt, or believed.

Words are just words.
The thing that creates us,
makes us truly we.
Is the hands, the arms, the trust.

The pure love.
The naked soul.
The simple integrity.
The honored faith.
Found in each other,
that is where truth lives
where faith shows
where love grows
where I will wait.