I will succeed!

I will succeed

you cannot stop a rolling stone

you cannot stop a moving train

you cannot stop a body in motion

I will succeed

cause I made myself a promise

and I keep my promises

I am not a quitter

I will not sit down

I will not give up

when they whisper into my ear

that I am nothing

I whisper back

Go to HELL

I am something special

I will not listen to negative words

I will shout

I will jump

I will release my fear

Hold my hand

I need the support

dance with me

I need the partner

sing with me

I need tunes in my ear

Laugh with me

make my heart

merry and bright

but do not


to hold me back

for I will roll

right over you

and keep on



2 thoughts on “I will succeed!

  1. WOW is all I can say, thanks for sharing this one its really beautiful and inspiring!

  2. Thanks. I was having a bad day and this poem made me feel better. I bet if you listen you can hear my fiesty anger..lol

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