This body is not fit for modeling

there are bits that hang

and places that sag

for life has left a mark

that lingers

reminds me of who I am

I am not rare beauty

I am that most common of packaging

and I am not at all sorry

for I prefer my soul common

and clean

My gaze, if you pause long

reveals that which shines truly

my beauty, I hope

revealed within my souls

most quiet dignity

I may not at first glance

be much to stir a heart

but what heart would love truly

that loves so quickly?

I would prefer that which takes

unearthing to discover

a patient searching

a finding of hidden worth

by one who seeks it

not afraid of the work

inherent in such a find

much greatness arises

from much laborious pursuits

and this is such

that stirs my soul

and makes believers out of doubters

I am not the model of perfection

I am the seed

of enduring thought

and endless devotion

this, I think

is beauty of another sort


which in the end

is why I chose it

in the moment

of birth.


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