The Paul Poem

* cause it’s about time he had one of his own.

I can see you there
sitting in that dumpy chair
that you refuse to toss away
with a dog nearby
thumping a tail in hello
while you rustle about
making cheerful messes
and sit like a kinetic statue
contemplating the cosmos
for an hour or twenty
while the world buzzes by
and you give a sigh
waiting for the universe
to catch up.


11 thoughts on “The Paul Poem

  1. woohoo, thankyou, one of my very own, and it is me, although the poem is much more handsome than i, yayaya thankyou,

  2. Oh, I love this. If only the world were a cheerful mess, same as our wonderful Paul.

    Great gift to Mr. Squires. And sincerely, a really good poem.

  3. Found this email today while cleaning my archives. It made me smile:

    “(p.s. if you are wondering who keeps reading The Paul Poem, it’s me, I love it, thankyou for that one, a trillion times. It is my favourite poem of all the ones that have popped up with me in them by far. (except the ones Kiersty Narnie Boon wrote of course.)” Paul Squires

  4. I’m glad to see you doing well, Bekki. Sorry to have missed so much of your writing. It will take a while to catch up — if I can.

  5. Just wanted to say, the Paul Poem is Paul’s forever. I do not own it anymore. It belongs to anyone who loved him and therefore, can be taken from here and kept in memory of him. He was an amazing person and I miss him terribly.

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