hands are pressing firmly
on either side of my head
I would kick your ass
if you were a person

my mind is a whirl
and stress is present
not such a gift

I am waiting here
for my knowledge to shift
into places it needs to fit

new faces
new thoughts
new dreams

my head
my head
my head

how on earth will it all fit?
will I lose important things?

The names of muppets
The secret handshake
my own name?

my head
my head
my head

sometimes growing
is about not showing
that your head hurts
from all the


2 thoughts on “Headache..

  1. And, it is such a great relief to read poems that don’t claim to be more than they are. Your poetry has a kind of humility which gives your work grace and elegance and honesty. There is no silly unnecessary arabesques, no writing poetry to show how clever you are, but there is great skill in the observation, craft in the manufacture, honesty in the emotion. Your work may always be underestimated by the ‘proper poets’, the ‘i’m so clever’, ‘i’m so cool’ people but I hope you never listen to them, I love your poetry, reading it is a joy and it always delivers a real reward far in excess of the effort taking to read it. You should be very proud of what you are achieving.

  2. I am a simple girl. I grew up in Ohio, we don’t do “High-fa luting” in Ohio, we do walks and trees and maybe even a game of kick-ball, but acting like you’re special will get you mashed into the grass with your face to remind you that you are still no good at kick-ball, so there miss fancy pants!

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