Plain Brown wrapper

He turns me on

just by being so gentle

I almost feel his breath

on my neck

His mind entrances me greatly

whirling about the room

a mobile spinning wildly

with giddy junebug joy

Alas he is farther reached

and more grandly made

than me

with all my affectations

and attempts to cover

my simple soul with wrapping paper

hiding my plain brown bag

ashamed to be so forgettable

aware all the while

that he seems to like

the color brown

for reasons I cannot begin

to comprehend

He turns me on

by being open

listening to my smile

and letting my river flow

gently over rocks

a babbling brook

with nothing special about it

just reflections

of others faces


2 thoughts on “Plain Brown wrapper

  1. I meant to show the way I feel sometimes compared to people more visually interesting and less talktive. I chatter when I am nervous, at heart I am rather quiet..not that anyone that knows me would guess.

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