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Update: I have been out of the country for 6 months, so I have not done this in a while. I am happy to add anyone who is so inclined to be interviewed and post it here.

Previous interviews:

August 26th 2008:Danial Bass (Oz)

September 3rd 2008: G.M. Palmer

September 10, 2008: Paul Stevens

September 18th, 2008: Paul Squires

I know a lot of wonderful poets. I am thinking of doing a page on my blog that introduces them to people who stop by here to read my work. I want to do an interview, share an example of your work, include a link to your blog as well as include a photo, if you don’t mind overmuch. If you would like to be featured on my poet page, please submit the following:

  • Answers to the interview questions from below
  • A photo (either of yourself or something you want used as your photo)
  • A link to your blog
  • One of your favorite works of poetry,
  • A bit of information about you personally.

Send them on to me at: Bekki.bedow@gmail.com I will post a new poet each week. The poet chosen each week will be mostly luck of the draw. When a new interview is posted I will place the old interview in a link list on the interview page so people can check out past interviews as well.

here are the questions:

1) What is the name of your Poetry blog? Why did you choose this particular name?

2) When did you first start writing, what made you feel the need to express yourself in this way?

3) What types of poems do you find yourself writing most? Do you have a recurring type?

4) What kind of work are you most drawn to reading yourself? Do you find yourself reading work similar to your own, or completely different?

5) Have you ever been published? If so where, if not do you plan to submit your work at some point?

6) Name the 3 poems you are most proud of writing, the ones that you personally cannot forget?

7) Do you find that readers like different poems then your own favorites? Name your top 3 most read poems.

8 Do you also write short stories or pieces of literature? Which do you find yourself drawn to the most often?

9) Some poets are also active in other creative areas, what are some of you favorite non-poetry or literature activities?

10 Poets tend to have favorite poets they visit often, can you suggest someone readers might enjoy checking out?

11) Many poets have different methods for their writing, some write on paper and then transmit to the blog, others type their work out in word and then transfer it. What is your preferred writing method?

12) Poets are from all over the world, where do you hail from?

13) They say that to see the world with complete honesty one should look to comedians, artists and poets, what do you think emerges naturally from your work?

14) Do you have one poem that you almost did not post due to it being so very personal? Did you post it after all? If so, please tell us about it.

15) All poets have several words that come up over and over again, words or sentences that they just can’t help but use in their work. What are 3 of your absolute favorite words?

16) When I post my poems I have a habit of doing 3 at a time. Do you have a special ritual that you go through when preparing to write?

17) Name your 3 favorite historic poets. What about their work are you most drawn to? What about their work are you most inspired by?

18 If you were given the opportunity to get published and do book signings anywhere you wanted, what cities or countries would definitely be on your book tour?

19) What style of poetry do you prefer? ( Freestyle, Rhyming, Haiku)

20) Poets are often said to be eccentric, and I support that..please end this interview by creating 2 sentences poetic, strange or quietly profound..your choice.

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  1. I had thought of doing this previously for one of the online poetry zines but
    is not condusive to the effort.
    I would, though, be honored to cooperate here.

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