I have a question..will you answer?

I am seeing a change in my poetry..but I cannot seem to identify just what has changed..can you? Please read a few poems and give me your opinion (this would be particularly helpful if you have read some of my previous works before this naturally)

I am not being greedy asking for compliments, I really have a sense of a change and wonder if is it my work growing in technique, style or just a change in my moods..anyone?

5 thoughts on “I have a question..will you answer?

  1. I think perhaps you have grown more confident and relaxed in your poetic voice and you went through a period when you were exploring new themes. Your poetry now seems more complex, more mature and balanced but it retains your sparkling Bekki-ness, compassion and warmth.

  2. I agree with Paul that your writing has matured. Now, what does that mean eh? It seems to me you say more with less now than what you used to. Your work seems more “crafted” if that makes any sense. Kinda like you found your voice. Your poetry is less whimsicle yet retains your trademark whimsy but don’t ask me how though, for that I have no explenation.

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