Winking giggle love

Do not let inner fear prevent
what you are inside
what I know
is true, true, true!

You are a marvel
you are a dream
you are a freaking star
A cloud that loves the
blue, blue, blue

You are a wonder
a miracle adventure
a sweet refrain to be sung
it’s you, you, you

you are a gentle murmur
you are a thunderclap
you are a freaking miracle
no don’t you dare laugh
oh do, do, do,

you are something magical
that makes the blossoms bloom
you are what makes the water sparkle
it’s true, true, true!


5 thoughts on “Winking giggle love

  1. now this is the kind of poetry that can only be found here (or in your book obviously). no one portrays the whimsy of love as you do.


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