Inditing lesson

Do you know what love is?

It is holding in
what argues to speak.
Love knows no verbal victory.

It is willing to take
what may not be yours to bear.
Love does not portion burdens.

It is hearing with keen pausing
beneath the confused wording.
Love is not a novel.

It is knowing with a poet’s heart
that which is not lyrical.
Love is not a musical.

It is steeling the eye,
straightening the spine,
spitting into the wind
and stamping  determined feet.

Love is fighting for and not against.
Love is giving in, but not giving up.
Love is holding on, but not holding back.
Love is silent, but not voiceless.
Love is strong, but not hard.
Love is wisdom without cunning.
Love is gratitude without groveling.
Love is merging and emerging.
Love is support and solidarity.
Love is that which makes you truly live.

Love is.