A Mermaid’s Last Stand

Oh vast sea!,
you lie, you lie!
Making me see endlessly into the dawn,
certain there is always time
to overcome these shadowed walls
and climb them, oh climb them!
Conquer them all!

I wait upon this shoreline
my heart torn and battered sorely.
Knowledge in my breast
at the swiftness of times changing.
My eyes turned angry red.
You lie, you lie!

There is, but one beginning.
One end to put my soul to sleeping,
and it comes, it comes so swiftly.
For some it comes like water
to sizzle out the flickering flame
of their sweetest living dream.
Too soon you devil!
Too soon for tender mercie’s grace.

I pound the sand with unforgiving force
no more to be mocked by vanity.
Now is the time! I will seize it roughly
in a hold that allows no quarter,
like the sifting of the shoreline, death comes.

I am a fool for hope, but I am no fool
for time.

*Title and arrangement by M.M. Clendon

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