Dark night

Black night you draw me
to stare upwards at stars
wondering at my pauses
those spaces between my words
that contain the truest parts of me.

I hinder my heart with deep silence
contemplations of my deepest hiding
those peek-a-boo places,
that shelter my hurts and hopes
those broken pieces we keep for mending.

I cover my patterns, they are mine to see
I do not make them to decorate parlors
or hang on collectors walls, like dead deer
I make them to help me puzzle out
this stranger that calls me soulful.

Black night, hider of hurts
These tears are blank in darkness
unshed as far as others notice.
Oh to be at rest from wonder
to finally know how contentment feels.

Damn this mind that wonders
that must know, must seek, must learn.
It is my greatest joy and deepest foe
for contentment is not a learners companion
though, at times, I long to be so.

Restless me.
Wandering up from warm covers
to stand in silent regard
contemplating my future
under the dark eye of black satin.