If it is heavy

“You must turn the first page,
to get to the second page.”

This lesson
is not meant to be light
it  must be heavy
as heavy as a heart
as difficult as a leaving
as terrifying as a nightmare.

If it is heavy
you will carry it
more because you are stubborn
than because you believe.
The first step is for arrogance.
The commitment comes later.

If it is heavy
you will respect the weight of it.
The burden you take on
not a secret unshared.
Choice is the first step
in becoming more.

If it is heavy
you will drop things
you no longer need
so that this burden is all you carry.
Focusing on this one weight
will drop all other concerns away.

If it is heavy
you will notice
the lightness outside you
your mind recalling
the moments you have forgotten
to give praise to.

If it is heavy
you will not forget
once this burden lifts
the value of yourself
the worth of your soul
the blessings of your struggle.

4 thoughts on “If it is heavy

  1. Wow! The impact from the first line to the next stanza is thunderous. The repetition for the first line in the following stanzas is so effective and almost hypnotizing (“you will remember this is heavy”) Very impressive!

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