Paper Airplane.

Let this sigh erase.
Let it end it.
Begin again with something
less consuming
less constricting
less worthy of a sadness.

Let this sigh go.
Let it release that which stays
pent up inside my rib cage
whispering your name
like an endless song.

Let this sigh release.
Let it fold this dream,
like a letter,
and place it where it cannot be seen
or aimed at my heart.
Paper airplane.
Crash and burn me.

One thought on “Paper Airplane.

  1. This is great! Very nice development (sigh erase, sigh release, sigh go)

    For me this is what works best for 21st century poetry — poetry of our time. SImplicity, Directness, High Content with low word count. Can’t wait to look at your earlier posts!

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