Escorting myself through pondering
I pause overlong in front of
my own incessant mirror.
Teaching my reflections again,
or is it reflecting on my teachings?
Ah, no matter.
It’s all backwards in the glass

Pacing sideways
to a somewhat erratic
inner dialog.
Always it is contemplation
so many me’s inside my head
waiting to be understood.
Familiar faces that know me

Swinging my particulars
into an arch of motion
clever as a cleaver
as cutting as a quotation
so apt it makes a memory
so deeply felt it becomes an appendage.
An extension of my inner lassitude




2 thoughts on “Parameters.

  1. I really like this one. “clever as a cleaver, as cutting as a quotation”
    And: “so many me’s inside my head” (I know that feeling.)
    Wonderful poem, Bekki.

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