Putting women in their place.

Oh what the hell!
gonna just ring the bell
and echo throughout this hallway.
My voice pealing like a chorus
of unending reminders
of what it means to be vocal.

I use my voice
I speak my mind
I am not frightened to be noisy.
Though, somewhat disconcerting,
I know all about alerting
the world to my condition.

I am a woman who knows
that whispers are given meekly.
A scream must be learned
so as never to be taken
without a raging fight.

I know what I sound like
when I scream like I’m on fire.
I am the freaking town crier!
The power of my determination
fuels the strength of my conviction.

So, don’t even bother
telling me to shut up mister.
This shout is about respecting
so I m rejecting
the label you are attempting
to affix thusly,
under the comment of
keeping women in their place.

My place is in the hallway
where they keep the fire alarm.
Go ahead, I am ready.

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