The Sex Monster Dream

Ever wake up laughing from a dream and want to return, because it felt so damn comforting? I just had one of those. Of course I wrote my besties about it immediately.

I was in the kitchen with my sister, Joey D., and her hubby Rock, and a dreamy guy, who like all dreamy guys are, remained somewhat face fuzzy. He was pale skinned,had a body I call no fair on, and was wearing a Speedo, or otherwise small swimsuit, and could only be called Sex Monster, as I did not have a name for him.

What struck me was how content I felt. How flirty I was, but also comforted, I knew this guy in a way that made me immediately happy. I only joke in the manner I was with really close people. So, clearly Sex Monster was more than a body to me.

Anyway, we were making something at the counter and Sex Monster kissed the back of my neck and I turned away to talk more with Joey, turned back and noticed that Sex Monster must have really liked the kiss, his um….little monster…had come out the top of said Speedo and was definitely on display.

In my dream I covered lil monster, turned Sexy toward the counter and gestured emphatically towards the problem. Sex Monster blushed scarlet, tugged me into another room and “corrected” the problem.

He tilted his head indicating a bedroom and made me giggle as I denied his playful request.

It was not so much the sexual content of the dream, as the happy way I felt. Comforted and loved. Surrounded by laughter.

I totally needed that Sex monster! Thank you.

I woke up laughing.

Why can’t all dreams be that lovely?

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