Reliving old memories

I am posting to notes the memories of Z and my blog that I don’t want to forget. Hopefully one day I can share them with Z.

Z Insisted on telling my blog what her field trip was like. Here is what she has to say:

“Today I went to the butterfly sanctuary, the bus was kinda bumpy. I could feel the bumpy when I put my head against the window. I love the bus! We were up so high I said, We are flying! The cars were so small next to the bus.

We had lunch first thing. Then we went into the butterfly room. They told us that the butterfiles would land on our shoulders, head and stuff, and that we had to be careful not to hit them, cause that would hurt them and the butterflies will run away if we hit them. We dipped our fingers in Gatorade cause butterflies like sugar. They eat with their tongues, and it tickled!

The butterflies there are all kinds of colors. They were beautiful. We saw a striped like one, and it’s our American Butterfly. It is striped black and yellow. We saw a chrysalis, know what that is? It is where a caterpillar goes to sleep and grows into a butterfly.

We also saw hummingbirds. Butterflies and Hummingbirds eat nectar, like the name mama uses on her blog! Isn’t that cool mama?”

She was chattering like a magpie…wonder where she gets that from?