Interview with a Shadow Elf

Interview with a Shadow Elf

By Bexley Benton
Alderdeen Chronicle

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

11:57 AM

As he walks into the room I am hit with the difference in his height to the others occupying the space within the dark pub. Elves tend toward 8-9 ft tall, with lithe figures and sharp facial features. Many Fae have unusual hair depending on their clan and history. They also live 5 years for every one humans live. Elves, therefore, can live quite easily to 500 years of age.

My interview today will be with Quinnley Dell, one of the last remaining Shadow Elves. I am told there are two, his brother being the other member. They were adopted into the Moon Clan at the death of their parents during the migration from the human world into Alderdeen. His skin is ebony with flecks of grey similar to freckles sparsely sprinkled upon his skin. His hair is also ebony, a deep and thick mane of severe skull-cut hair. He turns his eyes toward me, sensing me, I cannot contain the gasp of shock as his flame blue eyes look directly into mine. Even from across the room, his physical presence is intimidating. Others sensing something dangerous in his bearing, move self-consciously out of his way, some braver souls sneering at him as they move, but still moving out and quickly away, not wishing to test their interior theories, one way or the other. Some he looks at with mocking disdain, others with a clear challenge. He nods only once, at a group of Fae Elvin, sitting at a far corner table. As is with all Fae, they speak silently and with their eyes. They hold his gaze for a few beats and then nod, in reply to some unknown communication.

I stop thinking as he is suddenly before me and I am gazing upward at him, my neck hurts.

“Please sit down.” I nod to the chair across from me. ” Shall I order you a pint?”
He seats himself gingerly, sizing me up.

“Two, since you are offering, I might as well have my fill.” He waits for me to protest, when I don’t, merely gesturing to the barman to bring us 2 pints (both for him) he appears thoughtful.

“You have no objections?”

“No, I don’t drink myself, but a few pints is the least I can do.” He thinks about my response, but does not comment further.

“So,” I awkwardly finger my notebook. His silence is making me nervous. The last interview I had, was with a Merman, I couldn’t get him to stop talking for more than a few seconds at a time, this silent regard was slightly intimidating in comparison. ” Do you…”

“Before we begin, I will make a few things abundantly clear, I decide if the question gets answered. If I don’t answer, you don’t ask again. You just go on to the next question, understood?”
“But what.…” He cuts me off again

” These are the terms, do you accept?” I can only nod. Though my mind is racing, and I am wondering if I am going to keep control of this interview. He leans over and runs his fingertips down my face. I flush, but keep eye contact, this is MY interview.

I wait until the barman sets down the pints and makes off with a few of my gold coins before responding.

“This is my interview. I will write the story as I see fit, no matter how you respond. It’s my story”

“You only think you write the story. The truth is, you steer it, it goes where it wants. If you learn that, you will always have good responses. ” He sits back and regards me.

“Alderdeen is not some little story you have concocted, though, as the creator of the article you are writing, you might feel as such. You might think you can write anything you want, make me into anything or manipulate the facts to suit you readers. The truth is, Alderdeen exists as itself. It doesn’t need your permission to be what it is. It will not be what it is not. If you attempt to make it what it is not, it will not go well for you. The dark and the sharp will cut you. There are no gentle or soft angles to be worked. There is harshness and despair. This is not a fairy story, this is a place that is at war. There will be disgusting truths that you want to curl away from or not see, but not seeing, doesn’t make them not exist. I tell you this, because you seem to have stars in your eyes. Don’t tell people who I am, let them figure out who I am, from what I say, not from how you write me to appear. Alright?”

Again, I nod.

“Ask your questions”

I fix him with a steady eye.

“Answering my questions or not, doesn’t mean I won’t ask the ones I feel compelled to ask, even if you don’t intend to answer.”

His lips twitched. He seemed almost proud of me for some reason.

“Ask your questions” he spoke more softly. I cleared my throat. He really is quite overwhelmingly gorgeous.

“What is your full name?”

“Quinnley Desparious Nexus Allbright Shallandorian Pixtassus Ferrix Dell”

“That’s a really long name”

“Elves are named for their lineage. Each name is that of the paternal or maternal parent that came before, those of my parents and grandparents.” “Desparius from my father, Nexus from my mother. Allbright from my paternal grandfather, Shallandorian from my paternal grandmother, Pixtassus from my maternal grandfather, and Ferrix for my maternal grandmother. Dell is my fathers surname and the name of his clan.”

“Wait, didn’t you say Desparius was from your father? I am confused.”

“Desparius is my fathers first name, only the male parent is given the first name instead of the last name in the line-up, the last name of my father is always his clan name thus, it is used last. Denoting what clan he is from, It is considered a mark of honor to pass on that name, It is the name my children would have had. Since my brother and I are the last of our clan, we can no longer use it. We would have to select a new clan name, by which my child would be known. This is the reason a child is given his fathers first name as his second name.”

“Why couldn’t you just use the same clan name? I mean, your brother and you make a clan, don’t you?”

“Clans have a governing body. There must be more than 2 members to be considered a clan. To be recognized by other governing clans, you cannot be the only one making decisions. Therefore, there must be, at least, 3 other family lines that contribute to the overall clan body. Because of this, our clan name dies with us. No other clans would recognize us as true Elvin, able to make decision and law for our people. It doesn’t matter in our case regardless.”

“What do you mean?” He looked like he did not want to answer, but appeared to reconsider in the end.

“We, my brother and I, lost our parents before our naming day. A naming day” he continued seeing the question in my eyes. “Is a special day for an Elf, it is the day he learns the lineage and name of his fated mate. Her name, and that of her lineage appears on his arm here..”. He cupped his left shoulder which, given what he had just told me, was startlingly bare of a single mark. My heart leaps in concern, what did the absence of this mean for his and his brothers future? “The naming day is usually held when the elf is old enough to be considered a middle-aged adult, in human terms. Elves think of their offspring as young until they bond to their mate. When it appears the family of the mate is contacted and they share details about their children. The children are not allowed to meet until they are ready to be bonded, if they were to see one another before it was properly timed, they would sicken any time they were separated from one another. Which is a might difficult on an elf that has just come down from their sexual awakening.”

“Sexual Awakening?” I squeaked. He smiled then, a real smile that went all the way to his eyes. I won’t lie, it make my pulse pound and my breath catch. Wow, he was truly sexy.

“Elves mate for life, they want no other from the moment they join, it is as if they have found their physical and emotional match. They do not need, nor desire, anyone else the rest of their lives, in fact, any time separate from their mate derives continuous and growing physical pain. Like an ache in your entire body. However, for a 10 year window, when they hit maturity, an elf has a sexual awakening. Where they can, and do, participate in sex with multiple partners over those 10 years” Ten years to an elf, is likened to only 3 years, for a human. A very short window, in an elf’s lifetime.

“Multiple partners?” I gulped

“Sometimes even at the same time? And of more than one sex” His grin could only be described as lascivious.

“But, what about your future mate, wouldn’t she/he be…bothered by..” I paused embarrassed, my face was clearly quite red. “You know, a mate having freely done..THAT..with a bunch of others before finding them?”

“We are not human. We are elf, we are extremely sexual creatures. Just because there is only one we want for the rest of our lives, doesn’t mean we never experience sexual pleasure before that mate is found or bonded with us.”

“So, the sexual awakening..”

“Generally happens 10 or more years before the name of their mate is revealed. It is only the seeing of their mate before they are meant to be revealed that causes this unique problem. It rarely happens. Generally, the magic selects one that is from a differing clan, and within the clans, females are not brought before clans during any shared clan meetings.”

“That seems, a little sexist”

“Females are protected by their clan. Bringing them among males who are experiencing their sexual awakening has, in past history, caused many clan wars and bloodshed. It might seem sexist, but you must remember, that it is not only the males having a sexual awakening.”

“Oh…” I considered this with realization dawning.

“Besides” He smiled that naughty smile again “Elvin women like their mates to have experience in lovemaking. They know their mate will bond with them for life, that there will be no other he wants, for the rest of her life. The same will go for her. Thus, ” he shrugs “Unlike human females, our females tend to freely accept and enjoy the before stage of bonding to her mate by experiencing many forms of sexual gratification. After all, she will eventually want only one for the rest of her days. Might as well make the time before memorable”

“So, you are saying she has no reason to doubt him once they are bonded, so she doesn’t mind him sowing his wild oats before that day?”

“Exactly, she has the same freedom to explore. It would be extremely conceited of him to expect her to abide by a different set of standards than he, himself, employs. Only, don’t tell that to an elf brother or father, they are generally the epitome of hypocrisy when it comes to their related females. The unspoken rule, in most families, is that their sister or mother never loved anyone before their mate. Why do you think elf mothers and sisters are so amused by their male relations? They freely do as they like and the males desperately try to ignore it is happening.” We shared a companionable smile.

“Then, why do you have your mates name missing? Have you not had your sexual awakening, 10 year thingy yet?” His response was to stop smiling. I felt bereft of it. I wished my words back, but he was already responding.

” The ritual of naming, there is not much known about how it works, it is magic, after all. The child is presented to the oracle on their naming day and the oracle announces the name of their mate, but before the name is given, the parents of the child go through their own ritual of releasing their child from their childhood. Allowing them to fully become an adult in their eyes. My parents, had died before my naming day. The Oracle is very secretive, not much is known about what parts of the ritual is required. When I did my naming day, my adopted clan performed my parents part of the ritual in their place, something must have gone wrong, or perhaps my mate was killed in the migration, that happened to some, whatever the reason, my mates name never appeared. When my brothers naming day came, his mates name also did not appear.”

“What happened to the ones whos mates died on the way here from Earth?”

“The name of their mates still appeared, so they, at least, knew the name of the one they would have bonded with, but most of them could not handle the loss of their mate. Most of them allowed the darkness to take them. An elf has the power to die, if they no longer want to live.”

“Wow, that’s so sad, what made you not choose that option? I am glad you didn’t, by the way.”


“Revenge? What do you mean?”


“Is this one of those questions you won’t answer?”



“What kind of powers does a Shadow Elf have?”

“We can become like night, like shadow, like smoke”

“That’s soo cool. How do you do that exactly?”


I peer at him concerned he might leave on me. He is emptying his second pint.

“Do you want some more?”



“Ask your final question.”

“My final question?”

“Is that it?”


“My final question is, What do you consider the future of our planet?”

“We will take our planet back. We will be a free people once more.”

“How do you intend to…”

But he was already gone.


(Next week: We will interview Qwillian Dell, Quinn’s younger brother. In an article titled: “Interview with the prince of thieves”

I’m Bexley Benton, see you then!