Christmas shopping

Tomorrow is payday. Which is to say, the day I can finally afford to buy presents. I am super hyped. I am getting up early and taking the bus to the mall. I will buy presents there and also across the street at Barnes & Noble. I also need to stop at TRU, for a friend. Then one last stop at Game Stop and then a stop at the Hallmark Store.

The presents for the UK, I will get in January, so this check is going for presents for Z, Jan, My secret santa person, , Lori, my sister Leann, and lastly, my sister Jodie, and her kids, since she is hosting Christmas at her home and I am invited. She is the creepy stalker person who commented on my Swedish Fish post and scared the snot out of me, inadvertently last night.

I sure hope I have enough saved. I always have a bigger list than I have pocketbook. Meh. You should have seen the list I WANTED to shop. Bummer.

I am making Anne a gift, mentioned previously.

I plan to enjoy my day out to the hilt. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Christmas shopping

  1. We are making the kids presents!!! Please don’t buy them stuff. If you must then make it five dollars and less type stuff. We have so much stuff around this house already. Let me know your schedule as soon as you can do we can coordinate. The twins love to draw, so simple drawing paper and some colored pencils or crayons would be perfect. Key chains and earrings are good choices for Ashley and Emily. I hope you can come on the 23rd because Ashley and I are going to make chocolate pretzels and gingerbread people. If you get me anything I need socks….white, Crew socks. And no…I’m not joking. Rock needs absolutely nothing. Make him some snickerdoodles and he’ll be in heaven. Like I said, though, you don’t need to get us anything. What do you want???

    Love from the greatest stalker sister on the planet. (°>°)

    1. Greatest huh? You haven’t even gone through my diary. 🙂

      I will PM next weeks Schedule, the one after that they will probably post next week.

      Ps. Shell and Shay might argue on the stalker claim. Pillow fight for status rights. (I’ll bring popcorn and watch) So, mom is making chocolate coffee spoons?, You are making hot cocoa mason jars, what should I make? Hmmm…

      Chocolate no bakes!!!!

      No jokes on my cooking skills. 😝

  2. Ps..OMG!! Gingerbread people? Last years were epic! I am totally coming even if my arse has to walk to work from your farm. (All I want from Rock is a ride on his Hog come Spring. Brum brum…) Rock’s getting a rock from my beloved collection. His name is Rock…(The rock, I mean…The rock I am giving Rock, I mean..oh! Dammit! You know what I mean) I have several rocks on my stand named after people (that’s not weird right?)

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