Dear Apple,

Dear Apple, I worked on something I care about today. I put off doing it sometimes, not because I don’t love it, but because I do.

See, I am scared I won’t do the ideas in my head justice. My imaginings are my secret of secrets. I live in a pretend world of thoughts and fantasy. Creatures live in my world. They breathe and have lives. They live, die, and struggle. They fall in love too. I like the falling in love imaginings best. How does an elf love? How does a dragon? What do these creatures care about, fret over, fight for?

I discovered fantasy as a kid. It is a place that costs nothing. I can be anyone I want, so I choose to be the writer of their story. I wish I knew how to write what lives in my head more eloquently. My creativity is my vanity, but also my salvation.

Do you create dreams too apple?

Why do I talk to someone I don’t know in person? Maybe because you are like my characters. You can could be anyone, a person who breathes and dreams, just like I do.

I have been practicing for my book, but today I realized, I am ready to write Quinn’s story. I see him clearly now. He’s my favorite, I must admit. I am starting with him because I see him in my mind’s eye. He reminds me of someone I admire. Someone very private, but with a poet’s heart.

I hope I do a good job writing his story. He deserves a really good one.