Working in commodities just before inventory is something akin to deliberately poking yourself in the eye repeatedly with your own pencil.

Just a thought. 😆

I think my management team knows I can’t stand sitting still. I think they literally forgot I was there today. I create my own work list and am annoyingly good at finding stuff that needs doing (it’s a curse).

I redid the bays (where loose stock goes when the shelves are full) and put all the like items and product together, that should make inventory somewhat easier. Yay.

I missed my second bus by 1 minute, it was pulling away as my first bus stopped to let me off. I could have caught it, as it stopped for the red light 2 blocks away, but let’s just be honest here, I only run if I am being chased by Zombies, or, you know, Gerbils with rabies. (It could happen! Maybe.)

I’m home now and eating the current weird concoction my nephew has devised as food. This one is a sort-of hotdog wrapped in bacon. I say sort-of because it’s a wee bit crispy. It looks like a fire happened and the hotdog part didn’t make it. At least I can say it wasn’t my cooking.

I have been obsessing about Strawberry waffles all week, I have no idea why. I keep wondering if you can make Strawberry slurry (otherwise known as reduced down Strawberry jelly cooked on the stove) into waffle batter for a different flavor waffle, or if it will be runny and gross.

I have been really craving Cajun chicken. I don’t make many things well, but, I learned how to make a tasty Cajun Creole butter-injected Rotisserie chicken that would make you slap your mama, while working at Dixie Landings Hotel food court. They call it Riverside now, but I refuse. It’s Dixie Landings and the Colonels Cotton Mill until I die, so there!

I worked literally right here:


I found a similar recipe by Emeril online here

You’ll need an injector, but you find them pretty easily. They also sell a Creole Butter Injector by the bottle, if you want less work. I find making it myself more fun.