Christmas musings

OMG! Thanks to Keanna (my secret santa) I got to download 3 new books not included in my Unlimited plan. Woot! I realized  today that there is not much I need in life beyond books, chocolate, and the occasional K drama marathon indulgence. There are some things I can’t afford because they are way outside my expenses, but, for the most part, I either don’t honestly need it, or I can live without it.

Tomorrow is the Christmas celebration at work, so I am kinda looking forward to the party. I am super nosy to see what everyone else got from their secret santas. Nikki loved my Build-a-bear present, of a dog dressed as a basketball player, complete with NBA Jersey. They plan to name the baby, Jordan, (after Michael Jordan) so, I named it Jordan dog.

She says they are rethinking the theme of the room because of my gift. Her wife really adored it apparently. Victory dance!!

I kinda got chastised for exceeding the spending limit by management. I told them I couldn’t help it, the perfect gift verses the $10 limit is no contest really. Perfect gift always wins. (Keanna exceeded hers too my gift card was for $15..lil stinker)

I’m going to Joey D’s for Christmas. We are going to make food gifts this year. I am totally getting in line for the Hot Choccy Canning jar thingy. Sign me up for some of that! Extra Mellow please! The gingerbread men/women last year got a little perverted and I completely expect more of the same hijinks. Z won’t be there this year bummer. She came for two weeks in July, so I can’t complain really.

Z already got one of her gifts. The Wizard 101 Big bundle gift card. She downloaded it  after getting the code from me over Skype. She liked it so much it was hilarious. Never got the screaming freakout response ever before on a gift, not even when she was little. Apparently I got it right on the money this time. I also bought her a new Funko Pop Vinyl figurine. The Game of Thrones Wolf, Ghost. It’s kinda funny, Z could care less about Game of Thrones, and Magic the Gathering (Last years figurine) She’s all about the Feline or Wolf species. I know my kidlet well.

I also plan to get her our traditional  annual T-shirt from Threadless. She always picks more sophisticated motifs than I do. This says a lot about who’s more mature in this  parent-child relationship. Snicker.

Christmas isn’t really about presents for me, but it’s nice to enjoy other people getting surprised. I always think the watching is way more rewarding and enjoyable.

My favorite hymn ” Silent Night” a mug of hot cocoa, a good book, and some candlelight is going to be my gift to myself this year. When I walk home the day after Christmas, from work (from the bus-stop obviously), I think perhaps it will be nostalgic. There are moments you allow the sweet & sour to mingle because they balance each other. You can’t really have only sweet on Christmas eve, the memories surrender themselves the longer you have lived. People you miss, things you remember and long for. Not so much bad or sad, just present. Sweet & sour. Balance.

It’s all about balance.