Not a fan of my fan

My fan fell over. It knocked over a huge cup of iced coffee. The iced coffee went every-freaking-where. I am trying to rationalize, internally, the right and means to beating the crap out of said fan. Sadly, I have to resist. Even if no jury would convict me of fan murder. I did, however, flip him the finger. Lil bastard.

Coffee  🍵all over my journals, papers, books, my sewing, and my coat. (glares at fan) I suspect he’s been planning this a while. He has a veeery happy hum right now. (glares again)

I am totally having to eat Ramyeon 🍜 for lunch today 🍴. At least it’s Chicken flavoured 🐓. Tomorrow I don’t have to work until evening shift. 2- close 🌜. I’m emotionally tapped this morning (not going into it, but my heart  hurts this morning). I really need chocolate..and daisies 💐 ( What? might as well wish if I’m wishing)

My two hour bus ride to work will be assisted by MP3 player 🎧🎵 therapy this morning. Already “Uptown Funk” has contributed to the cause.

In unrelated news, guess who likes emoticons today. 🙂