Proud Wookie

My workmates crack me up. What an awesome Christmas party at work. We seriously didn’t let those pesky shoppers get in our way of teasing, annoying, and generally messing with one another with complete Christmas abandon . It was fantastic!

So. Much. Food. Terri bought Deli fixing and Salad with our celebration budget, we had all our team bring in buffet style plates. They also set up a kind of Chinese Auction where you put your tickets in the box of each item you like a lot, everyone wins one item each, so we were guaranteed something we liked. The choices were pretty cool. Someone did a really super selection job on the presents.

I think this would be a superfun way to do a family present pick instead of doing a Secret Santa with everyone selecting one persons name. We have a large family and this could be a cool way to get everyone something without spending money you don’t have. It’s an idea anyway. Could be a cool party game if done right.

My friend Lori, gave me a Christmas card with the most heartwarming letter in it. The beauty of Lori, is that her sincerity is always seen, felt, expressed. She’s a lovely person, truly. She also gave me chocolate. Yay!

Melanie gave everyone movies! It was really funny seeing what titles she picked for everyone. I lost it when she gave Gayanne  American Pie. Gayanne will totally love it. She may be older, but Gayanne is sassy.

She got me, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. I’m suspicious. I haven’t even heard of this one. I can’t wait to see why Mel gave me that look of gleeful anticipation.

It felt like a special gift to work side-by-side with Jan this evening. She’s always sweet to me and I call her my work mom. She is always telling me there is something very special about me. I can’t see it, but she always says “That doesn’t mean it isn’t there!” See why I love the lady?

Then there was the Wookie. We have thes stuffed character pillows for kids who decorate their room in theme, among them are some for Star Wars. The Wookie one has been making the rounds at work with an inside joke. See, at BRU, recently, they changed our name badges to magnetic plastic tags, instead of the annoying old plastic lanyards of strangulation we use to have. Underneath our names the have added a tag line for each person. A mom of three would get ” Proud mom of three” A guy with no kids might get ” Proud Uncle”, you get the idea.

The other day someone made the joke that the pillow Wookie was a ” Proud Wookie” Cracking us all up at the morning meeting. Since then, this pillow keeps popping up all over the place. One of my managers made us all laugh hysterically this evening by actually creating a proper BRU badge for him and hanging it off his sash ( for want of a better word for that belt thing he wears in the movie) Not to be outdone, Mel made him his own handheld Saffi unit out of cardboard, and someone else with the initial B, made him his own work-appropriate shirt out of purple paper.

We all waited to see what our store head manager would do once he spotted it. Lets just say the “Force was with him” 😆

I really do love my people. Even the insane ones (of which I am one)