Good Morning!

I woke up incredibly happy this morning. I had an actual song in my head. Best Day of My Life, by American Authors. This is not a new thing really, I wake with songs in my head regularly. Odd thing is, they are generally a true barometer of my inner whatevers. If my head says “This gonna be the best day of my life” He freaking means it (Side note: Is it weird that I consider my brain to be male?)

I wonder what joyful things will happen today.

I actually was thinking about something else as I got ready too. Sometimes, when I write poetry, I find myself using words I didn’t realize I knew. It startles me into looking the word up, to see if I used it correctly. It’s almost always perfectly correct, which begs the question, Am I really the one writing my stuff or an I channelling some dead person? Not Shakespeare or anything (my ego is normal sized honest) just someone who has better ability than I in the facilitating of words. If so, I really owe this poet dinner. 🙂

Okay, okay…I’ll stop talking cray cray. Huff.

I am fanciful. I admit it. (Snicker)

Time to go to work. I’m working until 10 tonight. Getting home about midnight. I have to work at 10 am tomorrow, and my sister is picking me up and taking me to her house for Christmas, so you won’t see a post from me until evening tomorrow (definitelya single short one tonight though. I can’t not write after’s how I unwind)

I will probably be posting on Christmas a few times.Twins and family everywhere means introversion freak out, so I expect I will use my Kindle for online retreat. (Heh)

Gotta go to work.