I didn’t know I knew that many curse words

I think I used up my monthly quota of curse words.

I was on top of the ladder at work and reached for the box, unthinking, with my left hand. Since I am left-handed this just happens instinctively, the problem is, that I ripped the muscle in that arm back in July. It has yet to heal completely and…well..the box was heavy and my arm, was. not.  gonna. be. happy.

When I say it hurt, I mean curse words spewed forth from my mouth before the pain even registered. The kind of pain you see before it even arrives. The kind of pain that has you wanting to beat something up, but can’t, because you are too busy cradling your damned arm as you climb awkwardly down the ladder.


On the upside, I realized that I can actually rely on myself to not drop something even if my arm is literally on fire. The box never left my grip. Why am I proud of this fact? Because I am an idiot, and idiots need silver linings. 🙂

Note to self: Stop grabbing stuff with your freaking useless left arm. You dork.

Signed, Your brain.