Super Hot inside and out

Ok, so this Super Hot guy came into work tonight. When I say Super Hot, I mean make you stutter hot!

He totally flirted with Lori and smiled at her, with that Super special smile, that can only mean one thing to any woman paying attention, and that is ” I dig you in a very sexy way” She totally missed it. His smile was in response to her being her normal hilarious and completely honest self.

Why did she miss it? Because Lori is a larger woman. Larger women always assume that hot guys are not looking at them…ever. That totally made me wish I’d had a camera on me, because dude!! He totally gave her the look that melts toenails. Dimples!!! Dimple freaking city!

Being large matters zip if the guy doesn’t care about weight and sees the real you. Totally hot guy at work tonight, You Rock!

Ps. I told Lori I’d procure your phone number if you see this post.