Learned so far

I am predominantly Air and Earth. With Earth being the most dominant.

According to the chart I am pretty much saved by the fact that my moon is Trine to my sun. It softens pretty dern near all negative traits. Yay Gemini!!

I messed up on some of what I posted earlier..so I removed it..sorry..

Apparently my Sun being in Trine wuth my Moon is very good to have in a chart, but I must be careful to not take things for granted as a result.

Here are my aspects:

  • Sun Trine Moon
  • Sun Conjunct Mercury
  • Sun Square Uranus
  • Moon Trine Mercury
  • Mercury Square Uranus
  • Venus Conjunct Jupiter
  • Venus Sextile Neptune
  • Venus Trine Pluto
  • Venus Trine Ascendent
  • Saturn Trine Uranus
  • Neptune Sextile Pluto
  • Neptune Opposition Ascendent
  • Pluto Trine Ascendent
  • Saturn Square Pluto
  • Venus Square Mars
  • Mars Opposition Uranus

Chiron is Aries

Ceres is Capricorn

Pallas is Capricorn

Juno is Capricorn

Vesta is Libra

Fortune is Aquarius

S. Node is Gemini


  • Ascendent=House II Gemini
  • II Gemini
  • III Cancer
  • IV Leo
  • V Virgo
  • VI Libra
  • VII Sagittarius
  • VIII Sagittarius
  • IX Capricorn
  • X Midheaven Aquarius
  • XI Pisces
  • XII Aries

My planets:

  • Rising Sign Gemini
  • Sun in Capricorn IX
  • Moon in Virgo V
  • Mercury in Capricorn IX
  • Venus in Aquarius IX
  • Mars in Taurus XII
  • Jupiter in Aquarius X
  • Saturn in Gemini I
  • Uranus in Libra VI
  • Neptune in Sagittarius VII
  • Pluto in Libra V
  • N. Node Sagittarius

In Chinese astrology I am a water Ox, and a Yin.