Saturn Square Pluto

I admit it, this one really made me extremely emotional. I am sharing it, because it helps me to know, that all my struggles have the power to remake me. That there are others who have this aspect too, and I am not alone. Also, I am incredibly f’ing proud over overcoming this crap. This is me, thus is at the heart of my struggle to bloom and become.

Saturn Square Pluto:

“You may already sense that life hasn’t been easy for those who have a Pluto and Saturn aspect prominent in their charts. Many with the combination have led harder lives than the rest of us can begin to imagine. Those same painful circumstances have given many of these people the strength of diamonds and a matching tough-as-nails outlook.
If I were to sugar coat this analysis for the sake of being upbeat, these folks—eagle-eyed critics that they’re —would skewer me. You may well find the realities of their lives hard to hear about. These people, on the other hand, find it healing to have someone acknowledge what they have been through without judging or rushing to offer simplistic answers to the complex and deeply ingrained difficulties they have spent a lifetime trying to overcome.
GROWING UP THE HARD WAY: Plutonians tend to have difficult childhoods that feature losses, betrayals, or abuses of power.  When Pluto and Saturn combine and are strongly featured, a tough childhood is far more likely.  Many of my clients who had this combination were faced with physical, sexual, or emotional abuse or sometimes all three.”