*Head desk*

Tomorrow starts an 8 day stretch of work before I get a day off. Good thing my vacation starts on the 9th. I believe I fly out on the 10th. Tickets aren’t bought yet but, thats the plan.

Now comes the part I procrastinate about like a nut…packing..lol

If I wasn’t so amused by my own dorky I’d probably worry more. Basically, I pack about 3 times. Mostly out of concern I will forget something. Lets not discuss the great underwear famine of 2013. It was horrific.

I must go through my clothes and pick ones I won’t be teased about. I like comfort over style. Which gets me in trouble in the UK, where just going to the grocery is treated as a chance to make a good impression on the neighborhood. My ratty t-shirts need not apply, apparently.

I have classy style, I just choose to pretend I don’t because it involves less fussing in the loo. If it takes me longer than 20 min to get ready I am prone to giving up to watch K drama instead. Introvert 101 baby!