Noticed on the way to work

Tom Baker. Who played Dr Who #4 Is well known for his distinctive look. He wears a floppy hat, multi-colored scarf, and long duster-type coat. I kid you not, there is this guy, on the bus, who dresses like him,every single day. I always wondered if he was a fan, or somehow accidentally just happened to look like him. Well, he had a Tardis t-shirt on under his coat and vest (Yes. I said vest)  today so I finally have that question answered. I wanted to take a photo sooo bad, but was pretty sure he would not have been amused.

The other thing, that happened, was that I spotted a Mini Cooper, yellow with black racing stripes, with the licence plate Hon B. Since the Mini Cooper is my favorite car, I was slightly miffed. She has my car AND my licence plate. Bummer. lol