#4 in an 8 day stretch

I am starting to feel my body hating me now. lol

I am on day 4 of my 8 before a day off. Nice of my boss to schedule 2 at the start of the first week and 2 at the end if the second. Makes for lots of heathly grumbling and not so healthy under-breath mumbling. 🙂

My sister gave me a Christmas tree ornament for Christmas. It’s a really fancy Christmas tree with little bells on it. I immediately told her it was perfect for my rocks. She didn’t even blink. That’s slightly telling right? I placed it in the center of my rock collection and they are all grouped around it worshiping its beauty. (I really am quite weird)

I really need to have a talk with them about not worshiping beauty. They need to appreciate the trees spiritual meaning, its bell-like laughter, its resilience. What? Ok. I’ll chill out.

Working 12-8:15 today. I usually have today off…so it’s hard not to grumble a little. I’ll try to behave myself.