Birthday present

I have decided to gift myself with a birthday present on the 12th. It’s a Photo charm that works with my Ginger Snap necklace. The artist, on Etsy, takes a photo and makes it into a snap and that way you can wear a photo. I am thinking of getting 5 done, so I can swap them out.

The main one I want is a photo I took if Z when she was little. I have more recent ones, but this one has a special place in my heart, as it captured perfectly the essence of my daughter. I just really love it.

The other 4, I think, will be photos I don’t want to forget. One of me as a baby, one of myself and my 2 sisters (I also have 2 step-sisters and thus, 4 actual sisters) as kids, and two others of Z from the day she was born and her first ride on a swing.