Letter to my daughter,

One day someone is gonna hurt you. They will say something untrue, but vulnerable, you’ll believe, that what they said might be true. Crack open that heart a sliver, and let doubt in and self esteem trickle out.

This is why I do, what I always do. When it comes to you.

Let my eyes light up, when you appear.

Let my smile break the sound barriers.

Let loose a tear and cry, and cry, and cry.

Whisper my love like a lullaby.

Tear out my heart, hold it up.

Catch my joy in a paper cup.

For you to see, for you to see.

I bind my hands around your form

and hold you like a prayer

never letting go, never letting go.

wanting to protect and nourish.

wanting to cover and defend.

My heart rests against your sleeping brow

as I watch you, now, unaware

that there is something magical about you

something that makes me more than I ever knew I could be. A mom. A mother. Your fiercest fan.

Pride straightens my spine, and steels my resolve.

For you I can.

For you I will.

You are my greatest joy, my biggest dream.

You are everywhere and everything to me.

Never settle for less than I know you are worth,

even from yourself.

Someone is going to hurt you. It’s inevitable as the tide.

My mission, my goal, my steadfast hope.

Is that after the pain, you hear it

clear as a bell on a stormy shore,


Love from me.

Love from my heart that bore you.

That true and unending power

reminding you

of who you are

who you have always been.

who you can be, if you only trust

in your own value.

You are not words spoken

anyone can speak

anyone can say a damn word

words cost nothing

so everybody spends.

Only love creates at great cost.

Only love bleeds and begs

and bears.

Only love proves its worth

through blood.

While words toss themselves down

like gutter pennies,

love pays in advance.


It rings like diamonds from my heart.

Sings for you like expensive wine.

You don’t need their boxed booze.

You don’t need their copper coin.

You are, have always been,


Words are cheaply spoken

but a poem is crafted

from more than words.

Listen for poetry

and you won’t hear anything else.