Subway Gift Card

I got a Gift Card from being awarded Associate of the Month a few months ago. There is only 2 Gift Cards better than a Gift Card for free subs (my second favorite food in the whole world) and that is, a Mexican food Gift Card (My first favorite food..Taco Bell is NOT mexican) and a Bookstore Gift Card. I already used my Kindle Card. (Keanna, bless her happy heart.) and today is the day…I just decided. Today is Subway Day!!!


Dressed for a winter walk. Done

Tunes keyed up. Done

Book on standby for while eating. Done.

A bag to carry some cookies home for later scheduled writing. Done.

I plan to finish my Littlest Thief short story today. I can’t wait!!

My flight schedule has been updated to either the 11th or 12th. Which means I might be flying on my birthday.

Well, why not.

Bring it on. 42. I ain’t scared of you.