Apparently, I am clueless

I have already had to contact my friend M at home, to learn how to get the password for the modem, operation instructions on turning on the heater, and to whimper they all left me to sleep,only I can’t..and now I am bored. What? I just got here and can’t help being a bit discombobulated. They have been incredibly kind. My own flat for vacation. How can anyone complain? Once I learn how to turn everything on…lol

They left me my very own key to the flat, and have already chastised me to use the hot water bottle, dress more warmly (but I like t-tops!!) and laughing hysterically over my dorky inability to get anything to work. This includes the convection oven, which I need retrained on every single time I visit.

Jet lag is probably gonna kick my ass yet again this year.

I got 3 cards for my birthday. Tons of well-wishes on Facebook, and have ordered M to come back and entertain me on my birthday. (They left thinking I needed sleep…but I can’t sleep…I need people..right now. What? I’m allowed to be a snot, it’s my birthday.)

Anne says we are going to a theatre production of Robin Hood this week. Woot! I can’t wait.



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