Morning everyone!

I really feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland. Poor M. He has had to explain how to turn on the hot water heater, how to use the computer (It’s a Mac and weirdly the on button is on the back of the monitor and I really did not see it at first.) and has attempted to help me locate a converter plug, so I can charge my devices. I am failing at being a tenant. I have been here many times, but apparently I am spoiled by having others around turning things on for me. Left to my own devices I think I might die. Hooray for friends!

I have mentioned how reliant on my Kindle I am right? Yeah, the battery died. I am pretty much in withdrawal. 🙂 I had a really fantastic fish and salad  meal last night and watched a movie. It was a pretty good birthday. I celebrated with a cinnamon roll.

Today I woke early (back pain from sitting in one place too long on the flights) and spent a leisurely hour reading a couple cross-stitch magazines I bought, along with a cup of tea, cheese on toast, and a few slices of apple.

One hilarious phone call and some quick clean-up and I think I am due for a nice walk about Moss Pit. It feels really good to be back and the sun is shining.

I think I might wander to the garage for some milk and toothpaste (which I left at home).

See you all later! (I miss my MP3 player…sniff)