Ok, so badminton. I dressed in sweats, t-shirt, and a very awkward smile. They were extremely patient with me, who had not played for 20 years, and clearly remembered volleyball rules and placement, but hadn’t a clue about proper badminton playing. I had to be taught about serving to the diagonal (I suck at serving, don’t even ask) Being left handed I am use to having to compensate, but it wasn’t too terribly bad. I am going to try to remember all their names now (crosses fingers) Jean Pierre, Roger, Betty, Bob, Shirley, Carmen, Marina, Mike, Cath, and of course, Mike and Matthew (father and son).

I played about 4 games, but, to my dismay, realised that the muscle I tore in my left elbow had no intention of being cooperative. It burned like someone had set fire to it, and I was damned determined to play a little, so I ignored it. I am pretty sure I will need to baby it now for a few days. It was worth it to be around others and being active. I was told my reactions were pretty good. I am an ace at air hockey, so this was not news, but It was still nice to hear. (Totally trash talking here because I want Matt to challenge me, so I can thrash him) It was encouragement of the kindest variety and it made me feel warm.

After playing awhile I deemed my arm angry enough at me, and sat out the rest of the time. I promised to come again next week. Matt has taken to wearing a new t-shirt each time he plays (I mentioned his Wookie shirt) and I am wondering what he will wear next week. 🙂 Phil was not able to come this time, and I am really hoping he comes next week. His cheerful personality is always welcome. His girlfriend, Ang, is equally as kind, it is always more fun with the two of them in attendance.

I got a personal message on Facebook the other day that had me laughing. My crew at work misses me. Apparently commodities is a mess with me gone. I chuckled a bit over that as, commodities is ALWAYS a mess. It’s the nature of the beast really. Packets of food tend to get rummaged through. It is nice to know they miss me though. The real howling for me to return, will probably happen the day before Signs are due to be put up. Something about having to print and place 300+ signs is conducive to missing the PSTM when she is on vacation in a rather urgent way. 🙂

Sadly, I will not be returning until Feb 4th. I leave the UK on the 2nd, and the 2 additional days will give me time to recover from my vacation. I am more active since I got here than I have ever been in a year in PA. As an introvert it takes a lot out of me, but I am enjoying myself too much to let that get in the way. I’ll have memories aplenty when I get back. Most likely for those 2 days I am home, I will lock myself in my room to have some me-alone time. 🙂

For now, I am just enjoying the feeling of being seen, appreciated, and wanted, just as I am. It’s rare to find people who want nothing more than to spend time with you. I am truly blessed.