Day out with Anne

I am going to a Flower & Garden something something, with Anne today. I am not into gardening, but I am quite enamoured of my friend Anne. It should be lots of fun. She’s a bright sunshine on a cloudy day, and this is why the flowers love her. I plan to take my camera (and my Kindle so I can sneakily read if I get bored..shh..don’t tell)

Going to finally see Star Wars this evening. WHOOT!!

(Update* went and saw The Revenent” instead, as Hannah wants to see ~Star Wars with us all and could not get off work. The Revenent is good, very very good..but…I would not have picked it for myself, the bear attack alone freaked me out, the rest was brutal, bloody, and damned good storytelling. Not to my taste, but I am really glad I saw it)