Social Calendar/Emotion

Ok, so I am not a troll, but let’s be completely honest here, I am not the social femme fatale most of the time. I barely get out, for one reason or another (money, extreme tiredness from a week of working, or just plain introvert tendencies) so having the entire visit in the UK mapped out for me by my loving friends and family is very strange. I love it, but I am not use to it. I have met new people, encountered new things and it feels really good, but… It feels like a fast pace that has me reeling a bit. I have emotional stuff to work through (Not going into it here, some things are very private) and the rushing around chatting with people seems to force the feelings forward at odd times. I have broken down twice now, in public, in front of others..and I hate it. I HATE IT.

It makes people worry and feel they need to help. I am not use to that however, and mostly, I am just completely mortified that I showed strong emotion in front of them. I’d like to ask the emotional whatever , that is causing this,to stop now. Please.

I like the support I am receiving, it’s nice to know others care about me, but they don’t realise that I have no experience with this kind of support. I am quite use to being alone in the hard stuff. I am like an alien creature someone is trying to help do normal human being things, which would be fine, if the alien were, in fact, human. I guess what I am trying to say is, have patience with the alien…she needs time to adjust to this new planet.