Stopped by a Coffeehouse called Canalside for some refreshment and chatter. It’s called Canalside because the canal is right next to the establishment. The Locke is frequently used for boats passing through. The boats are like floating houses or caravans (Camper Trailers). They are used most in the Summer and Spring months, but you can find them everywhere around this area. They say that Stafford has as much canal system as those found in Italy. It’s just not as well known.

I took photos of the names on the side, as often they reveal a bit about the owner of the boat. I was most amused by the one called “Random”. It features a sun symbol with a moon and 2 stars. The amusing part comes when you realise this makes the sun smile at you. Which, to my silly heart, was a true joy to see.

We went inside and instead of getting tea (I get offered it 3-6 times a day and, quite honestly, was longing for something else. It was suggested that I try Fentimans, a Botanically Brewed soda. (I believe they fermented my soda in Ginger roots). They had several cool varieties (Rose Lemonade-Pure Rose Extract, Lemon Shandy-which was a Traditionally Brewed Beer, fermented with Lemon in the mix, Victorian Lemonade, Mandarin and Seville Orange Jigger, Dandelion & Burdock (which I have had before by another maker. Yes, it is dandelion. They even make wine from it here too) Curiosity Cola (which is the original) It tasted, in all honesty, like Mr Pibb. and lastly, the one I chose, Cherry Cola (which tasted exactly like Cherry cough syrup but as cola.)

It was actually quite nice, once you got over the fact that is not exactly the soda you are use to drinking.

I had a Lemon Curd cake with my soda and we enjoyed a lot of conversation and tom-foolery. I took photos of the map of the area, which they had on the wall.

On the way out to the carpark, we happened across lots of dogs. The one I have here was sitting very patiently waiting for his/her owner. What a cutie.