Star Wars/Air Hockey Beat-down

We all went to the movies (Matt, Anne, Hannah and I). It was actually a very cool place called the CINE-BOWL. They had ice skating, bowling, a Papa John’s pizza place (Yay! America!) and the best feature of all AIR HOCKEY TABLE. M was not properly intimidated, so we had to play. The first game was interesting. I was not anticipating the Sonic Hedgehog sound effects, which, quite honestly freaked me out and threw me off a bit, at first. M did a really effective job blocking. I could tell he was going to be a good opponent. He hates to lose and has a competitive streak a mile long. Anne chided us for acting like teenage siblings. We just shared a look of devilry. It was soo on.

The game pretty much ended as a tie. I say “pretty much” because I got in the last shot and would have won, but M claimed that he was confused by the fact that the air turned off (time ran out) and I announced this shot was the last chance. He assumed I meant the game was over and argued that my win was because he was no longer guarding his goal. Therefore, he demanded we play another round.

Anne felt that £1 a game was too steep for a 5 minute game (Yeah, what’s up with the 5 minute timer people?) but we were hot into a debate over wether or not my final point counted and really didn’t listen all that well. We played the second game, which I trounced him soundly in 3-5. I state I had finally warmed up sufficiently , he states he needs more practice and that he will eventually trounce me. We shall see. (Side note* It’s probably not nice that I am mega proud of the fact that I kicked the ass of my ex husband back in 2014 when he and may daughter visited for Christmas right? Only..I totally am.) M is a worthy opponent and one day he could be great. I might have a doubles partner here.

We went in to the theatre to see Star Wars. It was fan-freaking-tastic! I felt like my childhood was up on the screen. When the music came on I acted like a complete and utter  goober, and it felt gooooood! Seriously, that was so much fun..only one thing..

..before the movie started, I had a premonition of sorts. I thought to myself, that when you remake a great movie with main characters that everyone loves, the only true choice for a good writer, is to have one of the characters die. If the story is to stay true to storytelling it cannot have every single character survive, just because everyone loves them, it would make a lie of the storytelling. In a true drama there is always loss on both sides. I wondered if they would be brave enough to take that kind of step with a story as epic and iconic as Star Wars. To be true to the series, it would logically have to do this to remain true to the spirit of true storytelling. I was not wrong.

Ok, Possible Spoiler below the photos, as I have some guesses…skip if that worries you.



I have my theory about who Rey is really. I am thinking cousins is a possible (and very cool) plot twist in keeping with the Star Wars tradition. M says I am wrong, but my thinking is this: “The Light Saber use to go to Keylo Ren when he called it, he fully expected it to go to him during his battle with Rey, only it went directly past him to Rey..why? because though Kylo is of the Skywalker line, he is not a direct decedent of the true owner. Rey is, and the light calls her. She also flies as good as a Skywalker, with her beginnings scavenging (where have we seen this trait before?) she is a shoe-in for the daughter of the great Luke Skywalker.

There. I have said my piece.