I am totally going to Cambridge! My nerdy heart is very happy. I get to photograph the heck out of the place. WOOT! WOOT!!

I plan to take as many photos as possible, and what I don’t take myself, I am going to steal like a MOFO, from someone else. There will be many cameras in attendance. Sunday is “Go” time for the Church there, but we can go after services are over. Apparently the Cathedral is gonna knock my socks off, if the comments are anything to go by.

Me, I just want to see Cambridge and all the nerdy students there. 🙂  Nerds are my people. I may not be as smart as they are, but I appreciate a good literary library.

The books, the books, the books.

Anyway, today is my last busy day before packing and returning to the US on Tuesday.  If I want that cat stitch done in time I am going to have to do a marathon stitch on Monday, wish me major luck. I have an entire stripe color to do still and the finishing. (Clearly I am insane)

Remind me to post about the marathon “Bug pillow” stitch I once did. I have photos.