It looks like my vacation has provided an awakening for my boss. See, he was forced (by my absence) to do my job. Doing my job is/has been/ always was, an act of curse inducing annoyance. Being a signage associate is thankless and frustrating, especially when attempting to print, locate, gather together and implement signage within our existing provided sign system.

  • There are the signs you get, that are the wrong size for your needs.
  • The ones that are there, but misspelled by someone in ad assignment and need correction.
  • The ones completely missing altogether, but definitely needed (resulting in you making your own)
  • The ones added at the last minute, but instead of being put in as a correction/addition are added to the list you ALREADY COMPLETED and thus missed until a last cross-check reveals them.
  • The ones added at the last minute but are dated for the date placed into the system instead of the date of the actual sign set (Love this sooo much!!) and finally,
  • the ones that you don’t need, don’t want, never had products for, but get an email chastising you about not printing all the signs in your system.

He actually said he understood better why I sometimes lose my temper when printing signs. (Oh,really? I  bet you thought I was just “Moody”.)

I should go on vacation more often.