Gargoyles research, with a little science discussion thrown in

In architecture, a gargoyle (/ˈɡɑːrɡɔɪl/) is a carved or formed grotesque with a spout designed to convey water from a roof and away from the side of a building, thereby preventing rainwater from running down masonry walls and eroding the mortar between.


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My characters are actually Grotesque’s, but have taken on the name Gargoyles. They jest about this, and explain that they are not Grotesques either, since their kind is only loosely similar to what “Earth” defined as a Gargoyle. However they feel they are different than their Demon-kind, as they seek atonement, and thus, adopted the moniker.


“I’d rather be called a Gargoyle, then to be depicted as Grotesque, I mean look at me! Do I look Grotesque to you?”–Bredanatac (Solid-Flight Goyle)


My notes:

Daynight: 6 am-12 Noon
Mid-dark: 12 Noon-6 Pm

Lightest Night: 6 pm-12 Midnight
Darkest Night: Midnight-6 am

My Gargoyles are alive at night and stone in the Daynight. They were turned to stone, by the Witches of Gorsand, as punishment/atonement for their crimes as Demons serving the dark. They are now full members of Alderdeen and each can attain (or have been promised they can attain, since my character is the first to attain his status) full control of their change, once they prove themselves worthy of forgiveness. The Gargoyles were slaves of “The dark one” and not in control of their deeds, as a result of this the Alderdeen Oracles have granted them the opportunity to atone.) When the Elders prepared to leave Earth the Goyles entered into a treaty with the Witches of Gorsand for the right to travel through the gates from Earth to settle in Alderdeen. As a requirement of this treaty they willingly became stone during the day, with the duty to perform as protection as means of proving themselves. They were granted this due to their turning on their demon masters and fighting on the side of the Paras during the “Great Earth War”. They are much hated by the demons that serve the dark lords, and the hate has become mutual. Any Goyle encountering a demon will not hesitate to attack on sight.


When they are not stone, their bodies are like human skin in texture, but very tough to penetrate or puncture. Their skin ranges on color from lightest grey to darkest black, and is speckled or marbled in pattern, with hints of other colors, such as gold, red, green and blue. They generally black or white hair which thy wear long or tied back from their faces in elaborate knots. Goyles can have horns of any variation of shape, size or style and these are often random and unique to each Goyle. Eye colors can be any shade, but they all have red eyes when using night-vison. Size ranges from light to solid, but physical appearance can range from slender to heavily muscled.


Gargoyles as defined by my book:


Each Gargoyle serves Dark Clover as protector at night. They fly vigil over their land watching over the residents as border patrol. Since Dark Clover is a Shadowland, they protect the residents who choose to sleep during the night, though it is dark most of the time there.


They live in the Shadow of the Blood-stone mountain, which blocks the sun on their side of Alderdeen. They have a night cycle whereby the moon moves similarly to the sun, with the moon passing overhead, at its zenith in the sky at about 12 Noon. Were one able to stand and look at the mountain from both sides at once, they would encounter the sun and moon passing one another overhead, traveling in opposite rotation to one another, but along the same hemisphere. One side of the mountain contains the sun, the other the moon.


(Asked in Forum for advice on how this would impact an ecosystem. They seem to feel that this would result in an icelike world, which is perfect for Taradeen, but I think my Shadowland would need to have partial sunlight, at least, to keep It from being overly cold or frozen. Also, read up on rotations and the sun and moon would definitely affect the axis of the planet, due to the sun and moon both having a rotation around it, instead of the moon rotating the earth and the earth rotating the sun (as it is on Earth). In the case of the Earth it seemed to indicate that the Earth would end up being thrown off it’s rotation by the movement of the moon and sun, causing a “wobbling” effect.  Wondered if the fact that the sun and moon are going in different directions could have a stabilizing effect upon this wobbling.
The mountain blocks them from one another, except at there Zenith when they eclipse one another in the sky and flood the differing sides with dark or light as they reach one another. (This would leave both sides in sunlight or moonlight for about 4-6 hours a day, just enough to give each what they need to not be frozen. (I hope) but not enough to change their inherent properties. Tarateen, therefore, but be closest to the mountain, because it only gets 2-3 hours of sunlight, which explains why it is almost completely frozen.
Gargoyles sleep from 6 am-Noon (They only need 6 hours of sleep to our Human 8) but remain stone until the 6 pm when lightest dark begins. During the 6 hours they are incapable of moving, but are awake, they observe their environment, focus inward, speak through the rocks to one another, and consult with the oracle stones for guidance. The fact that they are still so much of their day, means they have an innate ability to be still and have unmeasurable patience. They are not slow-moving however, they have the ability to move very quickly and some of them fly, and some of them do not.


Gargoyles are classed by size and physical characteristics.

Winged: (When not flying all Goyles have the ability to fold their wings into their backs. The light-flghts, though they have this ability, tend to keep their wings out at all times, for quick flight)


The Lightest of Gargoyles (Still pretty heavy given they turn to stone)
These Goyles have wings and fly highest into the trees and cliffs. They do not grow very large and are about the size of an owl or hawk. They weigh considerably more than these creatures however, and often forget, resulting in some chips and crumbling of their physical rock body. They are much loved by the other Goyles and generally are less human-like in personality.


Medium sized and good for longer distances, they Goyles are generally messengers from one land to another. They are the most known of all the Goyles as they are seen so much more. These Goyles are quick-witted and clever talkers. They sometimes annoy the Solid Flights and there exists some tension between them due to the popularity of these Goyles and the slurring of solids as being slower-minded, assumed due to their slower paced flying. They appear very similar to humans, with obvious physical differences as mentioned.

Solid Flight:


These Goyles are the largest flight Goyles. They have the largest wingspan and can fly the farthest of all the Goyles, however, their size makes them slower and they take longer to get places. Generally, they choose to stay close to home and will only fly to other places if needed in battle. They are the fiercest fighters of the Goyles. These Goyles have impressive forms with large biceps and massive muscles. They are sometimes slurred as being stupid, which is not true in any sense. They are human in appearance, with obvious physical differences as mentioned.


Land-bound (wingless)


Similar to the Light-flight, these are lesser human creatures that move similarly to cats. They enjoy nooks and crannies. They lean towards pet-like personality. Light-foots are the listeners of the Goyles. They overhear and share what they observe and witness back to the other Goyles. These Goyles are the most apt to be found in odd places when the coming daynight makes them solid stone, as they are incredibly curious and lose track of time easily. Residents are quite use to their presence and are known to keep them around their homes, placed like part of the home décor until they wake again. Many are careful around these Goyles when they wish to keep a secret, but are just as likely to forget, since they are so common.



About the size of a small child, these Goyles are generally the workers of the community. They do their work while everyone else sleeps. They are known for their quiet manner and ability to work without disturbing anyone. They are not fond of interiors and can be found outside and sometimes on the roofs of houses (Similar to the Grotesques of the old stories) They often gain an affinity for a specific person and/or family and will see their exterior home as theirs to protect and serve. Most have a specific love  of gardens and can be found either in the garden itself or on the roof facing it. They like to build houses, temples,  and outdoor décor.



These Goyles are more of a pack-animal mentality. They are generally not overly bright (which gives support to the slurring of the Solid-flight Goyles) but are very good at holding and carrying large and heavy burdens. They are surprisingly affectionate towards horses and cows (the affection is returned and many suspect that they are able to communicate one with the other)