I am changing. It unsettles those who rely on me to be constant, but it is a needed change. I need to continue my journey.

I am learning that I am a strong woman, and I have strong opinions and thoughts. These thoughts shape me every single day. I am seriously tired of explaining who I am and how I think to people, as if I have to obtain their permission. I don’t need permission, I need acceptance.

I am desperately trying to adjust to my changes, but it’s hard when you know that who you were for others also changes. They want things to stay the same, but things have already changed by the time they noticed anyways. Adapting with me seems too much to ask, and my heart aches with trying to be both the old me, and the new me, at the same time to please everyone. It’s not possible.

I can’t be what they want, but I can be something. Maybe something better. If they would only trust that my changes are to improve myself, then we can adapt together. There is no such thing as growth that isn’t positive. All growth leads to a better future. I honor my past, my truths, my core me..but, I also know that growth is needed to ascend.